Winepak integration for openSUSE

an idea by clanig

Recently the Winepak project has launched. It seems to package Wine installations that are specifically preconfigured for the corresponding applications in Flatpaks. Then the installer is loaded from the internet automatically.

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Writing PC game tests for openQA

a project by clanig

Although availability of computer games on Linux has improved a lot there is way more potential for openSUSE to fire them up. This project is about improving the usability of openSUSE for gaming to appreciate the gamers who run openSUSE as their primary OS. The final goal for a number of improvements is that each gamer can play flawlessly without a single issue.

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play with coreboot

a project by bmwiedemann

We got two old mainboards and hope we can get at least one of them to boot linux from coreboot. 1. ASUS M4A785TD-V SPI flash with DIP-8 socket

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COA Bootstrap

an idea by cxiong

I'd like to use this hackweek to bootstrap this effort. What's done:

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Compatibilux (Game launcher for old and new games and applications)

a project by fos

There are several game launchers for Linux already (like Lutris or GR-lida), but none of them is focused on compatibility with old Linux games or other ancient native applications. At the same time it is getting more and more difficult to get those old applications to run on modern Linux distributions. This is a learning project for me, so the goal is not to extend any existing GUI frontend, but get familiar with various techniques and see how far I can get without any previous knowledge.

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Help Astronomy team from University of Louisville

an idea by aplanas

The Astronomy team at the University of Louisville is providing documentation about how to setup openSUSE for a better experience for the daily job:

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help_wanted: javascript, chartjs frontend for bacheca (

an idea by dmaiocchi

If you are familiar with JS and chartjs, you can try to solve this issue.

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Improving the T-shirt size system for our Updates

a project by ONalmpantis

Suggest a new T shirt system using data mining techniques. A better way to provide accurate estimations of the difficulty/complexity of the updates we are testing.

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Try some funny Wireless Display Software for openSUSE

a project by acho


1. Try some funny Wireless Display Software

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Investigate zchunk support for delta downloads of repository metadara

a project by mlschroe

See Jonathan Dieter's chunk project.

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A naive idea to compromise confidential level of embargoed vulnerabilities

an idea by zhangxiaofei

Disclaimer: I have zero knowledge on security studies and very little knowledge on our internal security workflow. The idea popped out from the observation on my daily work which includes backporting security fixes, occasionally a couple of which are embargoed. Lashes are welcome if you find the idea stupid. When an embargoed vulnerability reaches SUSE, the related bugs / fixes are usually only exposed to a small group of people including maintainers of the affected package. While bugzilla can made an issue private for that purpose, For OBS I'm unaware of an option like "private project / package" that blocks unwanted access (please correct me if it does exist).

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Contribute to sle-classic, gnome-shell

an idea by qkzhu

Get involved in the development of gnome-shell in this week. backlog:

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Learn Kyber multiqueue I/O scheduler

an idea by gqjiang

There are some multiqueue I/O scheduler nowadays, such as bfq and kyber. And bfq is really complex (about 10K LOC)and error prone from my understanding, since kyber only has less than 1k LOC, it should be more easier and practical to read/play it in one week.

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Caasp meet GitLab

an idea by dmaiocchi

GitLab offer the possibility to use the CI on Kubernetes. We could then offer varios R&D teams the possiblity to use the GitLab-CI with "free" resources for testing on GitLab-Ci.

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Software Archaeology on FriCAS

a project by zcjia

Hacking on the advanced open source computer algebra system -- FriCAS, which has a long history that dates back to 1965. It has not aged very well: 108 C files has been edited only 66 times in the past decade, and full of compiler warnings;

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Hibernate encryption and authentication adapt to user land util and keyring

a project by joeyli

Intel Chen Yu developed a user land utility: Introduce the in-kernel hibernation encryption

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Learn O'reilly Fundamentals of Deep learning

a project by jerrytang

Ai and Machine learning play important role in our life, I'd like to learn it. research to see is there any way of using DEEP learning on open source stuff.

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Desktop comparison between Leap and Fedora (e.g. software update stack, gnome-initial-setup, CJK support etc.)

an idea by yfjiang

The project to give an investigation of the difference between openSUSE Leap (aligned with SLE), Tumbleweed (SLE's future release) and Fedora (a good gnome based Desktop outside SUSE release family), trying to have a better understanding of what the Leap/SLE desktop can possibly be as a general platform in future releases. The investigation will focus on gnome-software update stack, initial setup of the system after installation, as well as the CJK support. Surprising difference is not excluded during playing across distributions.

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Using Flask-restful to build a set of restful API for HA cluster

a project by XinLiang

This is somehow related with our team's work(, We want to write a set of restful API for any components in HA product stack use to control the cluster.

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Build an online RSS reader

a project by ericp

I'd like to see a web-based desktop RSS reader with a simple 3-pane interface like SharpReader's SharpReader's but it runs in Firefox and uses Firefox shared storage to store the user's usage data on their local machines, not on a server. Technology:

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disconnectable/offlineable development: RPM repos/OBS events/Git repos/etc. over IPFS

a project by jzerebecki

On a smaller internet connection or offline the development experience can be severely degraded. This has a big impact on hackathons or other events where multiple people want to get the same content. Workarounds over USB sticks are less usable than an automated way can be. A content addressable transport that can work on a local network without internet would be better. There is a downside of local content addressable transports compared to protocols like HTTPS that AFAIK has no finished solution yet: Participants in the network can see what you request. If one wants to use such a transport by default this needs to be solved, otherwise it will remain an option that will only be used on networks where this downside is deemed acceptable. Find, ask around for more and summarize possible solutions.

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Create a web interface for the Bard music manager to stream music locally (and other improvements)

a project by alarrosa

The Bard music manager is a command line tool to organize local music I've been developing over the last years (in Hackweek 15 it was called finddupmusic). It parses your local music collection and stores the metadata in a sqlite database, then it can generate audio fingerprints and recognize similar/duplicated songs. It can also be used to play music (using internally mpv), set ratings, fix metadata, etc. The purpose of this project would be to create a web interface for Bard, so users can use their browsers to get music streamed to their computers/phones (with format conversions on-the-fly). Probably it should implement the AURA protocol for this.

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Cleanup backlog of Mediagoblin

a project by bbobrov

From the website: "MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc."

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CaaS101 Introduction to SUSE CaaS Platform

a project by iulhaq

I would like to take part in the course that is offered at

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Bring Jangouts to Factory and Debug it

a project by gameboy974

Motivation: "Make Jangouts Great Again!!"

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Read 'Code Complete 2' book

an idea by iulhaq

I would like to read this book, considered one of the better practical guides to programming.

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JetPad - Online collaborative text editor

a project by ammartinez

At SUSE/openSUSE we are using (at least some times) Etherpad, whose functionality is really limited and looks as taken from the past. :seenoevil: After taking a look to other possible Open Source alternatives, I think there is at the moment any which offers all the feature I would like to have. Because of that I would like to contribute to JetPad, with the idea of using it privately and that it can also be used by SUSE/openSUSE. JetPad is a web-based collaborative text editor built with SwellRT real-time technology and the Angular 2 framework. Both JetPad and SwellRT code can be found in GitHub:

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Learn OpenStack cloud

an idea by emiura

Since openstack cloud uses HA on its foundation, I want to install and learn some stuff about cloud - install

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Salt Support Tools (try to ditch supportconfig)

a project by bmaryniuk

Currently Salt is using supportconfig utility alongside with the SUSE Manager installation. Every single bugreport for Salt, that contains its logs are always useless that regard. It might work for SUSE Manager, but for Salt it doesn't. And even after asking user to switch the cluster into a debug mode or even trace mode, it is still far away from being useful enough, so the supporter don't need to dance with the tambourine around the fire, guessing what ghost just munged what component. What if we can reuse Salt's internal tooling and develop some more tools that will not just grab logs/sysinfo from what is already there, but also get much more data, "x-ray" minions, turn them into a debug mode, collect right data, perform tests realtime etc?

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Secure Note/File-Storage

a project by apritschet

I'd like to write a webservice comparable e.g. to Evernote or NextCloud. Emphasis of the project is that the server only provides storage for the actual data and keys; en- and decryption is to be performed by the client. Optionally capabilities for sharing data with other users should be included.

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Learn Elixir

a project by david_kang

I would like to learn Elixir, I plan to do some tutorial and look into books. I if I have time also start with Phoenix the framework for Elixir :smile:

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Securing EMail communication with hardware tokens (e.g. YubiKey)

a project by bigironman

From a user perspective there are many ways to secure email communication with pgp. Especially the key handling is still challenging non tekkis. This project investigates processes techniques that are easier to handle for users by introducing hardware tokens for storing the private key.

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create custom theme for hugo

a project by m_meister

in you can easily write custom themes via templates for creation of static websites the theme should be responsive for mobile and offer some configuration options

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Enhancement Test Result for xfstests in openQA

a project by yosun

The result for xfstests in osd seems always red[1], but actually it's only a few test fail in a group(around 1/50). If we want to keep use openQA to handle those test, we need some enhancement for that. Try to enhancement test result to make it shows in a better way. - Make more reasonable group for those test

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Supply a local search engine of specs of build server(learning golang)

a project by wanghaisu


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Contribute pt_BR Translate to Calibre

a project by martinsmac

I use Calibre ( in my opensuse. This tool manage ebooks, convert for many formats and control a ebook reader device. I would use my time to finish portuguese Translation to this project.

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SSH-Transport for Salt

a project by jochenbreuer

If you are now thinking of Salt-SSH, this is not completely wrong, but also not right. What we are talking about here, is an other Transport for Salt, a replacement for ZeroMQ.


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translation update service for OBS

a project by sbrabec

Translations get more and more important in packages live. Currently, translation-update-upstream is the only tool capable to update packages translation. It was designed 10 years ago. It is a hard to use monolithic tool that does not use advantages of openSUSE Build Service.

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User assisted udev rules

an idea by sbrabec

udev is a perfect tool for applying hardware based rules. But there are some devices that are indistinguishable by its identification and even by probe. Such devices need user assistance to get them properly identified.

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openSUSE package of Waterfox

a project by lproven

Since Firefox 57, SUSE's default browser no longer supports XUL extensions. This is a problem for those of us who customized Firefox extensively with multiple addons. There are other Firefox forks out there, but Waterfox is based on v56, the most recent version of Firefox before the switch to Quantum --

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CLArch - AArch64 system emulator in OpenCL

an idea by favogt

GPUs are fast, software emulation is slow - what happens if both get combined? I don't know either, this project is an attempt at finding it out.

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Play Gnuk token (FST-01G)

a project by whdu

I just got the FST-01G device from my friend, which could work as the Gnuk token. I'm going to try to make it work for ssh authentication.

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Make Yast CA Mgm-Ng out of Yast RMT module

an idea by ikapelyukhin

:warning: Bold and crazy ideas down below, read only if you dare :warning: Yast CA management module isn't on SLE15 yet, so now in Yast RMT module (package name yast2-rmt) we have our own implementation for generating SSL certificates that doesn't depend on libcamgm.

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move concourse instance from bare-metal to caasp production instance

a project by m_meister

Right now our concourse instance runs containerized (via docker-compose) on bare metal We already have a production caasp instance, so we can already move it there

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Teach rubocop about schemas and migrations

a project by bergmannf

I want to write a new rubocop cop that verifies that a schema.rb file in a Rails project, references a valid migration.

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How to measure improve and fetch valid metrics for Software Maintainance in codebases (technical) and Scrum/kanban processes (highlevel)

a project by dmaiocchi

Starting from this 2 golden rules: 1) It is more important to reduce the Effort of Maintenance than it is to reduce the Effort of Implementation.

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Create a gnome-shell extension

an idea by xiaoguang_wang

If you work with GNOME, after screen is locked, the monitor will turn off. This extension can keep monitor light.

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Run Openstack Helm in OpenSUSE

a project by aojeagarcia

The openstack-helm project run Openstack in a Kubernetes cluster using helm charts. The goal of the project is to able to run it in OpenSUSE, and if successful as a bonus add a job that runs with OpenSUSE to the gates runs with OpenSUSE to the gates

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contribute and improve salt-toaster (

a project by dmaiocchi

i want to spend some day of my hackweek to improve salt-toaster

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Chaos Engineering

a project by dmaiocchi

During the hackweek i want also to learn more about this topic.

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