an idea by persmule

hsed.js is to html what sed(1) is to texts. sed(1) can proceed texts with given regexp, but for html, its working level is too low, so I decide to build a tool to apply arbitrary JS codes upon html documents to proceed, in order to modify their content in a batch manner. Headless browsers like PhantomJS have already provided needed functionalities, so this tool may be implemented as a JS program interpreted with a Headless browsers. If so, the designation of its CLI interface may become a challenge, as Headless browsers usually do not provide command line option parsers like getopt(3).

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Spider to download filtered 58 website information

a project by zyuhu

This project is meant to practice python and download filtered 58 information

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speed-up and rewrite git-effort in elixir

an idea by dmaiocchi

git-effort is really a cool tool for analysis git repository. ( https://github.com/tj/git-extras/blob/master/bin/git-effort) In large codebases is kind little slow.

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Read 'Code Complete 2' book

an idea by iulhaq

I would like to read this book, considered one of the better practical guides to programming.

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Improving the Security of OpenPGP USB Token with a Secure Chip

a project by biergaizi

OpenPGP Card is an ISO/IEC 7816-4 compatible smartcard that is integrated with many OpenPGP functions, including signature, encryption, and authentication. It provides an trustful computing environment isolated from the host computer, to guard one's private keys from attacks and exposures. ZetiControl in Germany is the first manufacturer of OpenPGP Card based on BasicCard platform. Since then, compatible USB tokens have also been manufactured, such as Yubikey and Nitrokey. Currently for compatible USB tokens, there are two approaches of OpenPGP Card implementation:

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Improve OpenStack keystone identity federation

an idea by comurphy

OpenStack keystone supports several types of identity federation, but it needs work. Some of the things that it needs: * Fix the federation protocol API:

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How to measure improve and fetch valid metrics for Software Maintainance in codebases (technical) and Scrum/kanban processes (highlevel)

a project by dmaiocchi

Starting from this 2 golden rules: 1) It is more important to reduce the Effort of Maintenance than it is to reduce the Effort of Implementation.

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help_wanted: javascript, chartjs frontend for bacheca (https://github.com/MalloZup/bacheca)

an idea by dmaiocchi

If you are familiar with JS and chartjs, you can try to solve this issue. https://github.com/MalloZup/bacheca/issues/14

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disconnectable/offlineable development: RPM repos/OBS events/Git repos/etc. over IPFS

a project by jzerebecki

On a smaller internet connection or offline the development experience can be severely degraded. This has a big impact on hackathons or other events where multiple people want to get the same content. Workarounds over USB sticks are less usable than an automated way can be. A content addressable transport that can work on a local network without internet would be better. There is a downside of local content addressable transports compared to protocols like HTTPS that AFAIK has no finished solution yet: Participants in the network can see what you request. If one wants to use such a transport by default this needs to be solved, otherwise it will remain an option that will only be used on networks where this downside is deemed acceptable. Find, ask around for more and summarize possible solutions.

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read a 'Modern C++ Programming with Test-Driven Development Code Better, Sleep Better -- Jeff Langr' book

an idea by zhengqiang

This is a book about modern C++ programming. I mean, if you are a C++ programmer, you’re going to love all the code in this book. I will share the main ideas with my teammates. Thanks.

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