In its history, Hack Week has incubated software like the openSUSE ARM port, which gave life to a few SUSE products. It has also launched projects that benefited the entire free free software ecosystem like Inqlude (a Qt library archive) and come up with solutions like Jangouts , the open source video conferencing tool developed by our engineers to scratch their own itch. What are you going to add to this collection?


Use this opportunity to work on any activity of your passion. You decide whether you contribute to an existing free software project or explore strange new languages. You choose whether you seek out new tools and new communities, or boldly go where no hacker has gone before! Just record your ideas, about what people could hack on in this tool.

And be open-minded, supportive, and respectful. Hack Week is a happy and constructive place. Support ideas you like, ignore ideas you don't like. Help improve the ideas of others and accept help to improve the ideas of your own. Hack Week is about discourse and open discussion. Please approach innovation with an open mind, respect, and the desire to support your fellow hackers!


We encourage you to find like-minded developers and team up to multiply your hacking power. Use the opportunity to work with people from other teams, departments or locations. Get together in an office and make use of all the nice things the Internet provides to collaborate remotely.

Remember: we are an open company, and work transparently on free software. Share your code on the platform of your choice, and reference it from your project. Then let the community and the rest of the world know about what you are doing. Blog, tweet, publish videos, shout it from the roof tops so people can pick up your project, copy, distribute, study, change and improve it!


Hack Week is also the time to share new tricks: offer yours and pick some up from others. Use this week to expand your horizon and maybe even crack the books. Acquire new information, reinforce what you know, adapt your behavior and expand your skills!

And don't forget to have a lot of fun ...

If you need any support to enable and improve collaboration feel free to contact the Hack Week coordination team.