The result for xfstests in osd seems always red[1], but actually it's only a few test fail in a group(around 1/50). If we want to keep use openQA to handle those test, we need some enhancement for that. Try to enhancement test result to make it shows in a better way. - Make more reasonable group for those test - Don't alway show fail in "1_" in test result - Don't seems like all test fail in xfstests in osd


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      If you want to skip tests that do not make sense or are known to be broken, you can use the 'expunge' function. ./check -X file where 'file contains lines with test filenames to skip, like 042 etc. Note that this file has to be in the test directory of the group (eg. fstests/generic/). The expunge files can be maintained per-product or per-architecture so you'd just supply the right one.

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