The Bard music manager is a command line tool to organize local music I've been developing over the last years (in Hackweek 15 it was called finddupmusic). It parses your local music collection and stores the metadata in a sqlite database, then it can generate audio fingerprints and recognize similar/duplicated songs. It can also be used to play music (using internally mpv), set ratings, fix metadata, etc.

The purpose of this project would be to create a web interface for Bard, so users can use their browsers to get music streamed to their computers/phones (with format conversions on-the-fly). Probably it should implement the AURA protocol for this.

Also, it would be nice to use accousticbrainz to obtain music attributes like this or the more parseable json high level information example, or json low level example. So we can store song properties in the sqlite database like if a song is instrumental or has a male/female lead voice, get the mood of a song (which gives a probability for the song to be happy, sad, relaxed, party, electronic, acoustic), etc.

Even better would be if that analysis could be done locally. For this I would probably need to package essentia and acousticbrainz-client for openSUSE.

Also, adding support to upload music data to accousticbrainz from bard would be nice. More information .

The current code of bard is at

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