Which username/password shall I use to login?

As we often Hack Week together with people from the openSUSE Community, we are using the community account system.

Is Hack Week a SUSE/openSUSE only event?

Hack Week is open for everyone. While it is dedicated time for the SUSE employees, they are encouraged to work with any open source community and community members on any of the projects, and we'd be happy to have anyone join in the week. Of course, if the Hack Week project is about an existing open source project, the week will be then about working in and with that existing community.

if you as a non-SUSE employee would like to participate in the SUSE office site local events, please contact the Hack week organizing team before. We do want to support participation in the projects, but we need to plan with you and your logistical needs to ensure a good experience for everyone.

Do I have to present my project at the end of Hack Week ?

No, you do not have to do a presentation, but we would like to encourage you, if you had a learning experience or an achievement to celebrate that with you, so we would encourage you to prepare a "lightning talk" style presentation. That might also be a precondition for becoming elligible for winning a prize.

Do I have to put my project idea in the hackweek website?

Yes, you should. It is a great way to socialize your idea within the company and with the community, find interested collaborators and become better acquainted with your co-workers.

What if there is a urgent customer or security issue to handle during Hack Week ?

Customers always come first, so any urgent issue will have to be handled, even during Hack Week. We will ask the respective managers to assess the situation and then approach you as an employee should this become necessary. If you lost significant time during Hack Week for handling customer or security issues, please handle this with your manager and ask for compensating the time loss at another time.

Do I have to pick a project or can I just bounce around helping other people?

We do encourage you to work on just one focused project during the week. If you feel you have hit obstacles that can not be solved within the week, you might want to consider changing the project or the project focus after roughly half time, or decide to join another project that needs help out to complete.