Improving my meteo project

an idea by ph03nix

I would like to improve my existing meteo project by trying out two new sensors * CSS811 gas sensor (for when stuff is burning in the kitchen)

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continue camera data project

a project by darix

define data types to collect informations about cameras and lenses to have a shared data store for lensfun and photo editors. Current state:

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Default web camera selector for GNOME

an idea by lkotek

There is no possibility to select default web camera at GNOME settings, but we can easily run into an environment with multiple cameras (integrated and the external one). As a result we can only select web camera if certain application allows us to do so via menu provided by the same application. This could be a problem, because not all applications do so - for example Firefox automatically selects first available camera on the system. This project aims to find suitable way for adding this functionality at GNOME level. For example via contribution to Tweaks tool (formerly known as a Gnome Tweak Tool) or other tool if necessary.

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Lioncast RGB Keyboard user software, protocol reverse engineering

a project by rsimai

I recently bought a Lioncast LK200 RGB keyboard which is a nice piece of hardware and has exactly the look and feel I want. All basic functions work well under Linux. Unfortunately the manufacturer only provides user software to upload/download profiles and control the LEDs for Windows. The device can be configured and operates autonomously from any OS but color setup is a PITA and it's very easy to factory-reset, and lose all config. I approached them but Lioncast seems neither interested to support native Linux nor to provide protocol specs so one can implement it. I thought to take this as an example to learn about reading and reverse-engineering USB device software.

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Zero-ish downtime deploy on da cheap!

a project by josegomezr

Zero-ish downtime deploy on da cheap!

This project aims to get a 0-ish downtime deployments (very easily achievable with Kubernetes) just using:

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Modernize Mash deployment

a project by seanmarlow

Mash is a Python based CI/CD pipeline for automated testing and publishing of public cloud images. Currently the production and development deployment for the package is inconsistent, slow and manual. This is a barrier to rapid development, deployment and testing. It also means the development workflow is different than production. This can lead to production issues which were not seen during development. In order to modernize the Mash workflow I plan to spend the week digging into a plethora of tools to first learn then build out a new workflow. The goal is to simplify deployment by choosing tools that provide consistency, modularity and repeatability. By leveraging the best tools available we can harden the code and accelerate the release cycle.

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learn a security area related video

an idea by llzhao

the address:

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Install LTSP server in a Docker container

an idea by michael-chang

The LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) helps in netbooting LAN clients from a single template installation that resides in a virtual machine image or a chroot on the LTSP server, or the server root (/, chrootless). This way maintaining tens or hundreds of diskless clients is as easy as maintaining a single PC. The objective is to learn and setup LTSP server/service via our KIWI-ltsp and look a bit into container technology to have the process automated in a (presumably) docker container. That will help a lot in migrating the LTSP server to a different PC or creating new instance almost effortlessly.

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Write some plugins for Rocketchat

a project by itxaka

Learn how to develop and create some plugins/apps for rocketchat. One that comes to mind is to enhance gerrit links which all are enriched with the same text, no matter what you link. A plugin could extend those links into printing some proper info like the patch name so its easier to click on those.

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Power of the salt control in SUSE Engeniging Infrastructure enviroment.

an idea by mcaj

Our Team has been using the Salt as main tool for IasC. We did a lot of work there we learn how to use for access (ssh) control,

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