Twenty-Six - A card game developed with Phaser & TypeScript

a project by hfschmidt

For a long time, I have wanted to port a card game called "26" to the digital world. I've been playing 26 since I was very young, especially in the winter months, when it was too cold to go play outside. 26 is played by 2 players. Each player has a stack of 20 cards (all face-down, except for the top card), and 6 cards in their hand. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards by building flushes on the board. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

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A recommendation engine for SCC

a project by mbologna

Let's imagine you are a sales engineer. You want to either:

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Do Stuff with SUSE Raspberry Pi

an idea by cjschroder2

Install and test SUSE's Raspberry Pi distro on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Explore the practical uses of stuffing a Linux distro on a bitty little single-board computer. Kiosk, digital signs, media server, gaming platform, digital photo frame, network attached storage...what is this little gadget good for?

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Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) proof of concept implementation of new "storage" code

a project by jsmeix

The current disk layout recreation code in ReaR is about 10 years old now and more and more

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Hydrogen Drum Machine: export to hardware drum machine

a project by dmacvicar

Hydrogen is a software drum machine and pattern editor. While it can export and play through MIDI, which is enough to play through my SR-16, it is not clear how one could record patterns and songs from Hydrogen.

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Graphics support for SGI Octane

a project by tsbogend

With the approach of kernel 5.6 SGI Octanes are supported with builtin IO components. What's missing for a graphics workstation is a driver for the graphics card. There is already a not upstreamed framebuffer driver for Impact graphic cards. Since there will be no new framebuffer driver accepted upstream, the goal of this project is to convert the existing frame buffer driver to a DRM driver and make it ready to be sent upstream.

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Write some plugins for Rocketchat

a project by itxaka

Learn how to develop and create some plugins/apps for rocketchat. One that comes to mind is to enhance gerrit links which all are enriched with the same text, no matter what you link. A plugin could extend those links into printing some proper info like the patch name so its easier to click on those.

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Backup server on openSUSE in Raspberry Pi 3 with external USB mass storage

a project by bzoltan1

I would like to set up a small backup server on my spare hardware What I have:

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Learn how to write a test case

a project by Xiaojing_liu

Be familiar with the process of writing a test case in openQA by taking a ticket from a QA team.

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More significant HA cluster node wins fencing match under 2-node split-brain

a project by yan_gao

In a 2-node HA cluster without quorum server, since neither of the cluster nodes (partitions) has more than 50% votes in case of split-brain, we should configure corosync.conf to enable two_ndoe: 1, so that both nodes (partitions) will be granted "quorum". But there'll be potential fencing matches which could introduce double-fencing by chances. The current solution is using random/static fencing delays by configuring pcmk_delay_max/base parameters for stonith resources to prevent double-fencing.

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CephFS client for Android using the Linux Kernel Library and Wireguard

a project by dmdiss

CephFS is awesome, but without a VPN it's not safe to be routed over the internet, and it lacks client support on many platforms. The Linux Kernel Library allows for the linux kernel to be built as a cross-platform user-space library and integrated into a regular Android, Windows, macOS, etc. application. This project combines CephFS, LKL and wireguard, and sprinkles some io-uring on top. My objectives are:

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Telemetry for Uyuni - The research

a project by dleidi

Uyuni is an heterogeneous and giant project (actually it is a beast) made of many pieces, many languages, many internal architecture structures, and also very old and new technologies live in it. Said that, and based on the fact Uyuni delivers tons of features/functionalities not all the end users use, it is not trivial at all to understand

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Enhancement of zypper history command

a project by syrianidou_sofia

Based on an old customer feature request: zypper history command options so that it can show the security patches installed on a server and when they were installed, during a defined period of time.

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Improve openSUSE infrastructure

a project by lrupp

There is always something to do if you run the infrastructure for such a big project like openSUSE.... Our Admin wiki currently lists over 80 machines - and while we already "salted" some of them, there is always room for improvement and room to learn something new just by making your hands dirty and diving into the administrator role for a machine.

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investigate elasticsearch and use with my windowssearch samba client/server

an idea by npower

Samba now has an experimental Spotlight backend using Elasticsearch as fileindex. It seems that creating a similar backend could also be something that could be useful to investigate in the context of the windowssearch feature for samba

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Power of the salt control in SUSE Engeniging Infrastructure enviroment.

an idea by mcaj

Our Team has been using the Salt as main tool for IasC. We did a lot of work there we learn how to use for access (ssh) control,

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Uyuni: re-architecting code with Akka

a project by moio

Simplify the codebase by using a more modern toolkit to accelerate maintenance and future development. Enjoy Hakkaweek!

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Provisioning Prometheus exporters with Uyuni revisited

a project by j_renner

There is a number of annoyances and pending improvements when working with the Salt Formula for provisioning Prometheus Exporters in Uyuni: - Fix issue with cleanup in case the monitoring entitlement is removed.

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ConnMan improve iwd and WireGuard support

a project by wagi

Recently, ConnMan got support for iwd and WireGuard. The current support is only a starting point and it needs some more changes in the core code base to support the cool features:

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Modernize Bard's web interface, implement high-level audio analysis with feature extraction and sonos support

a project by alarrosa

Continue improving my personal project, bard. Bard is a music manager for your music. It stores all information about your music collection in a Postgresql database . The current release can be used from a terminal and has the following working features:

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openQA log-viewer firefox plugin

a project by asmorodskyi

Idea is to write FF plugin which would process raw autoinst log and display it in more readable form .

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OpenBLAS: test performance on AMD Zen2 and learn more about the implementation

an idea by marxin

OpenBLAS is a high-performance linear algebra library that's implemented mainly with vector instruction directly written in assembly language. The goal of the project is to learn more about the implementation and get familiar with the vector instructions.

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Finish Machine Learning introductory course

a project by dmacvicar

I started Standford's machine learning course but after getting stuck in one assignment (ex4, Week5), it fell of the table due to lack of time and focus. I will use this Hack Week to make some progress on it.

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CaaSP in CaaSP

a project by pchacin

Summary Using K8s for managing VMs is a requirement in many environments, as not all applications are designed to be cloud-ready. Some projects like Kubevirt[1] and Virlet [2] aim to address this requirement. However, they introduce their own complexity, creating a parallel control plane for VMs. RancherVM [3] has a different approach, launching VMs as pods, but requires custom-built images.

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Improve 'vim-daps' and 'vim-docbook_templates' plugins

an idea by tbazant

The main part of our toolchain that allows us processing and publishing documentation is daps [1] As i'm using Vim to write our product documentation in DocBook format, i started to develop 'vim-daps' [2] and 'vim-docbook_templates' [3] plugins to integrate daps experience into Vim.

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