Run VMs in CaaSP 4 cluster with SUSE-powered kubevirt

a project by jfehlig

This project aims to run VMs in a CaaSP 4 cluster using kubevirt and a libvirt+qemu container (aka compute container) based on SLES15 SP1/2. Compute containers based on openSUSE Leap15.1 and SLES15 SP1 already available in and respectively. VMs can be deployed to the cluster but there are several functional problems that need investigating, e.g. accessing the VM's serial and VNC consoles, proper network access, etc.

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WebUI for pint data

a project by aosthof

With 'pint' the Public Cloud Team already provides a command line based tool to get information about the images we're hosting in the public clouds. It's provided via the Public Cloud Module in SLE as well as in the Cloud:Tools repo. As more and more people are asking about information on the images we've published but not all of them feel comfortable using tools on the command line we like to provide a web UI which shows that data. One should be able to search for specific images, sort by regions or state etc.

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Enchansement of zypper hystory command

a project by syrianidou_sofia

Based on an old customer feature request: zypper history command options so that it can show the security patches installed on a server and when they were installed, during a defined period of time.

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More significant HA cluster node wins fencing match under 2-node split-brain

a project by yan_gao

In a 2-node HA cluster without quorum server, since neither of the cluster nodes (partitions) has more than 50% votes in case of split-brain, we should configure corosync.conf to enable two_ndoe: 1, so that both nodes (partitions) will be granted "quorum". But there'll be potential fencing matches which could introduce double-fencing by chances. The current solution is using random/static fencing delays by configuring pcmk_delay_max/base parameters for stonith resources to prevent double-fencing.

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Virtualization CI/Testing Work

a project by bfrogers

There are a number of items related to doing Virtualization CI and testing which I have a hard time getting to during my day job. I'll take Hackweek as an opportunity to get at least a little out of my normal space and improve our methods. This mainly focuses on QEMU/KVM and some of the efforts and infrastructure I've already got in various states of development, or at least investigation. Part of this effort is to try to leverage what is available in this space upstream, and to focus on watching the state of CI as it exists upstream, not just in our shipping products.

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Hydrogen Drum Machine: export to hardware drum machine

a project by dmacvicar

Hydrogen is a software drum machine and pattern editor. While it can export and play through MIDI, which is enough to play through my SR-16, it is not clear how one could record patterns and songs from Hydrogen.

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Ceph Containers on Raspberry Pi

a project by mgfritch

The next release of Ceph (Octopus) will be delivered via containers.
A new tool named cephadm is being developed to bootstrap and manage Ceph containers.

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Setup E-Mail notification about new or changed SAP Notes

a project by AngelaBriel

Try to get back an automatic email notification about new or changed SAP Notes. Since SAP has closed down some of their internal servers, which hosted an unofficial database/API to the SAP Notes, the nice email notification service of the SAP LinuxLab is terminated.

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Improving picotm

a project by tdz

Picotm is a system-level transaction manager. It provides transactional semantics to low-level C operations, such as modifying data structures, (some) file I/O, memory access. Picotm also handles error detection and recovery. It's fully modular, so new functionality can be added. For the Hackweek, I want to dedicate some time to picotm. I want to finish some of the refactoring work that I have been working on. If there's time left, I'd like to investigate two-phase commits and how to support them in picotm.

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TwitterKondo - keep your tweet stream clean and sparking joy

a project by ericp

Thinking about extending the typical Twitter app that let's a user bulk-delete their tweets (with a limit of 3200 each time). The main extension is to allow subscribers to this service to add a hashtag to their tweets that will put a time-to-delete

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