Finish my home-made 3D printer

a project by ilausuch

I started 3 years ago creating a CNC, but soon last past 6 monts I realized that I could use it as a 3D printer. The software was good enough, the hardware and firmware had evolved. And now I could print 200x200x300 pieces with 0.1mm precision. But at soon I had this one finished, I decided to create a new compact, silent, light 3D printer.

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Geeky clock face for Fitbit Versa 2

an idea by joadavis

I recently got a Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch (thank you wellness incentive) and found there was a clock face that looked like a Linux prompt. Which got me thinking about creating my own. The site looks helpful and worth following their quick tutorial. Mix in a SUSE logo and a tail that curls/uncurls with the seconds and it may become a great way to show off some nerdiness.

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A CI/CD approach for Solid Ground

a project by vstsironis

Solid Ground is an essential software tool for the daily tasks of an L3 agent. A continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and even more a continuous deployment, approach is currently missing from its development ecosystem slowing down its release cycles. Current project aspires to sketch the design principles of such approach and if possible to end up with a functional CI/CD mechanism that will be utilized in the next software releases of Solid Ground.

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Monitor myself

an idea by jcavalheiro

The quantified self idea refers to “self-knowledge through numbers” and has the goal of improving physical and mental fitness through a better understanding of how environment and habits influence quality of life. This idea is about finding a good data model to represent self-quantified metrics (i.e. what is relevant to collect) and also exploring integration with external devices (e.g. fitbit / garmin) wearable devices.

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Management 101 - mental models and cognitive biases

a project by jcavalheiro

Put together a collection of ideas and resources to mentor people managers on how to make better decisions: - Useful mental models and how they work together

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Easier deployment of Prometheus federations

an idea by jcavalheiro

Monitoring large scale infrastructures often require multiple layers of Prometheus servers working in "federation" mode. See This idea is about making the deployment and configuration of Prometheus federations easier via Uyuni / SUSE Manager formulas.

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Tool to help diagnosing stalling system

a project by jankara

Diagnosing issues with stalling desktop application (or a whole desktop environment) is difficult these days as the application often requires multiple processes interconnected with sockets, pipes, futexes, etc. to work and often it is not clear which process is the one responsible for blocking the whole ecosystem. The idea of this project is to write a tool that gathers information about processes in the system and for each process that is sleeping display the resource (file, socket, futex) it is waiting on as well as the process that is likely responsible for unblocking (feeding pipe, sending data to socket, unlock futex, ...). Once the information is gathered, we can also plot it for graphical displaying with tools like graphviz.

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Snapshots for jenkins pipelines

a project by ktsamis

This issue has been blocked for a while due to time constraints so I want to take Hackweek 19 to work on it.

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k3s: A lightweight Kubernetes for IoT & Edge Computing

an idea by clin

k3s is a lightweight distribution of Kubernetes designed for IoT and Edge Computing. It works like k8s and it has a smaller package size ( < 40M) so it can be easily deployed. k3s is also optimized for arm64 and armv7 so it can work on ARM machines such as Raspberry Pi or AWS A1 server. In this project I am going to study basic concepts of k3s and understand how it works on ARM platforms.

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SMT solver for AWS Policy decisions in ceph RGW

a project by abhishekl

Currently AWS uses a SMT solver to decide on public/non-public policies Learn about SMT solvers & see how feasible using a smt solver is for supporting the more minimal policy set in ceph object storage RGW

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Give avahi some love

a project by e_bischoff

Avahi is (among others) a domain names auto-configuration system for Linux compatible with Bonjour. The project is to dig into avahi source code to modernize it if possible and fix bugs.

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SUSE Manager: Improve SSH access to clients

an idea by fkobzik


This project is in a very-alpha state. It's just a rough idea. Don't beat me!

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Rewrite transactional-update in C++

a project by fos

transactional-update, the application to update read-only systems such as openSUSE MicroOS and openSUSE Kubic and the Transactional Server installations of openSUSE Leap, openSUSE Tumbleweed and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, evolved from a POC to a fully fledged solution - and is currently completely written in Bash. This has been working really well in the past, but is gradually reaching its limits, especially when thinking about supporting additional file systems or ports to other Linux distributions - yes, we have a huge interest in other distributions adopting our technology. A C++ version would simplify those abstractions, but would it also make maintenance of the complete application easier? Check that as part of a POC and refresh C++ knowledge on the way there.

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Work through 'writing a simple operating system from scratch'

an idea by zzaimeche

I want to learn more about low-level programming and how operating systems actually work. The boot process is currently mysterious magic to me. Read through:

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Design patterns for os-autoinst-distri-opensuse

a project by ybonatakis

The idea is to hack os-autoinst-distri-opensuse infrastucture and explore design patterns that can fit. The end point of this is to restructure the framework in such a way that the is more efficient, functional and readable.

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mailprocessing maintenance

a project by jgrassler

Once more mailprocessing has developed some bitrot, namely this recent crash: ```

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Smart tool to show current K8s network performance

an idea by mosquetero

How cool would be it if a Sales Engineer could run a tool in the customer's site that measures the network performance to demonstrate how fast our K8s platform is? What if the customer could do that herself/himself to provide useful information to our support team in order to find the source of a bug? What about using such tool for our CI to discover potential performance regressions? What if the tool was smart enough to change configurations on the fly and run optional tests based on the measurements it collects? It is obvious there is a wide variety of use cases where we could benefit from such tool. I have been learning Kubernetes and go for a few months and now it is time to combine both! This tool will use a K8s controller that will create pods to do the measurements and then fetch the results. Based on those, it will decide to just return those values or change config and run extra tests.

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libuitest - a generic GUI testing library

a project by dancermak

Testing GUIs is hard: unit tests require a tremendous amount of mocking and often don't capture the exact user input anyway, integration tests on the other hand are difficult to setup as they often require a dedicated infrastructure with virtual machines. libuitest should become something like the image recognition part of openQA: it receives a video or image stream from some source and searches for matches (e.g. button found, sound played). It should also be able to send clicks, key presses, strings, etc. back via an abstract API to a backend.

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SUSE Manager: Better feedback for scheduled actions

a project by fkobzik


Running async actions in SUSE Manager lacks a user-friendly feedback. For instance, running a salt highstate on a system:

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Rework hwpoison interface

an idea by osalvador

Keep working on [1], which reworks the Hwpoison kernel's interface. The goal is to finally have a non-RFC patchset by the end of this Hackweek.

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Test functional package manager for delivering packages

an idea by jevrard

During the week, I install guix and analyse how it is possible to improve our delivery processes with functional package managers in mind.

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Getting more knowledge in 3d-printing and designing in blender

an idea by mgriessmeier

I own a Prusa i3 clone for two years now (built in hackweek 0x10 I think). It gave me hard times and frustration, so I ordered recently an original Prusa i3 MK3s.

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Kubernetes IPv6 on AWS with SUSE OS

an idea by aojeagarcia

SUSE Kubernetes IPv6 on AWS


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Investigate options to introduce Plugins to SUSE Manager

a project by cbosdonnat

For years we have been discussing the idea to modularize SUSE Manager. This would enable developers to create their own extensions to SUSE Manager without needing to touch the core repository. There are several frameworks that could be helping in that direction. The goal here is to create a Proof of Concept with the virtualization features moved into an add-on.

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Port Salt virt modules to idem

a project by cbosdonnat

Salt is moving towards a plugable architecture using POP and Idem. This project is about experimenting with those new concepts by applying them to a real life case: the virt execution and state modules. The goals of this project are:

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