Play with Go and RL

a project by EDiGiacinto

I would like to learn and play with RL/ML and Go ( gorgonia for example). The lack of Reinforcement Learning library in Golang makes me very sad, so I wanted to implement a RL algorithm and alongside create a small library for RL and go in general. On the other hand, I would like also to expand and add features on a project that I'm working on: . It's a package manager based on containers, focused on cloud/OTA-alike update delivery. It would be nice to combine the two ideas, for e.g. to achieve one feature.

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CaaSP in CaaSP

a project by pchacin

Summary Using K8s for managing VMs is a requirement in many environments, as not all applications are designed to be cloud-ready. Some projects like Kubevirt[1] and Virlet [2] aim to address this requirement. However, they introduce their own complexity, creating a parallel control plane for VMs. RancherVM [3] has a different approach, launching VMs as pods, but requires custom-built images.

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Finish Machine Learning introductory course

a project by dmacvicar

I started Standford's machine learning course but after getting stuck in one assignment (ex4, Week5), it fell of the table due to lack of time and focus. I will use this Hack Week to make some progress on it.

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ConnMan improve iwd and WireGuard support

a project by wagi

Recently, ConnMan got support for iwd and WireGuard. The current support is only a starting point and it needs some more changes in the core code base to support the cool features:

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the SUSE Documentation Team

a project by ta-ro

Give a more complete overview of the infrastructure and the processes the documentation team uses to write, maintain, and publish the documentation for the SUSE products. Add missing information/chapters to the guide.

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Write an url shortener in Rust (And learn in the way)

a project by szarate

So I have :), it's currently doing nothing... (and for sale) but in the meantime, I'd like to write an url shortener from scratch and deploy it on my own server

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SES 6 Installer script

a project by davidbyte

take my existing script ( and enhance it to be more of the installer experience needed. It would ideally be coupled with an autoyast file that does:

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Enlightenment Themes

a project by simotek

I have several themes in progress, they all need lots of work before they could be used with openSUSE. * The gtk people keep changing things so the gtk theme I use to match my enlightenment theme also needs fixing.

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Upstreaming of mediatek helios board

an idea by mbrugger

The only Mediatek "hacker" board available is from 96 Boards [1]. Unfortunately up to now there is nearly no mainline support. Idea would be to improve this situation. The idea would be to get the pin-controller merged first and then hopefully most of the other stuff can be just added (fingers crossed...)

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OBS Observability+

a project by hennevogel

Expand the observability toolset we use for OBS with better analytics, exception tracking, log aggregation and BI - switch obs-analyze.o.o from matomo to goaccess+cronjob

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