With the approach of kernel 5.6 SGI Octanes are supported with builtin IO components. What's missing for a graphics workstation is a driver for the graphics card. There is already a not upstreamed framebuffer driver for Impact graphic cards. Since there will be no new framebuffer driver accepted upstream, the goal of this project is to convert the existing frame buffer driver to a DRM driver and make it ready to be sent upstream.

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      If you need some help with conversion, you can find my fbdev-to-drm conversion helpers at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/tzimmermann/linux/tree/fbconv. They will give you a DRM driver that use an fbdev driver internally. From there, it's only a matter of refactoring, instead of rewriting.

      Fbdev interfaces are crappy and fragile, so I cannot guarantee that the conversion helpers work out of the box. But might still be worth a look.

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