Our Team has been using the Salt as main tool for IasC. We did a lot of work there we learn how to use for access (ssh) control, managed DNS and so on. But some steps in this area we are still missing.

This hackweek I would like to improve our code in:

  • auto "state.apply" changes : once the new code in on the salt master we ATM need to manually run state.apply. This task can be part of CI in gitlab.

  • Reporting errors to admins. Once CI deploy the change on the minion we need to get a report if the state.apply failed. The reporting can be done in several different ways. Icinga monitoring email, a system ticket or error in Gitlab CI.

  • One of our salt master has ATM the code in the local git only. Due to limitation on a firewall we can not easily reach it. Let`s discovery different ways how Gitlab can delivery the code there.

Any help will be rewarded.


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 19


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