Apple Silicon openSUSE spin

a project by vgrinco

Project Description

The folks at Asahi linux have been working on porting linux on the Apple Silicon. In a recent blog post they announced they will be joining forces with Fedora on releasing a Fedora Asahi Remix. I would be happy to see this level of collaboration between Asahi and openSUSE community, too.

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Run AMA outside of SUSE Engineering

an invention by szarate


Get a closer look at how developers work on the Engineering team (R & D) of SUSE, and close the collaboration gap between GSI and Engineering

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Project Felis: A desktop Linux distribution with immutable root file system that uses Xfce desktop

an invention by mauriziogalli

Project Description

The aim is to create a desktop Linux distribution with immutable root file system and Xfce desktop as user interface.

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