Build an Audio Streaming Server in Golang for Ableton Lite Recordings

a project by annablendermann

Project Description

I have a small recording studio at home that I use for acoustic recordings using a 2i2 Focusite and Ableton Lite, but no streaming server for my output files. I want to be able to process/mix and share multiple rough drafts of .mp3 or .wav files with my musician friends without sharing them to a public platform yet. I've also been learning golang and seeing how it's a popular choice for audio processing, can use this to dive deeper into it.

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Create a CLI tool for interacting with Rancher Support Matrix

a project by dpock

Rancher Support Matrix CLI Helper

A tool to bring the Rancher Support Matrix info into your CLI.

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Bring to life the Studio Kiosk in Frankenstrasse

a project by digitaltomm

Project Description

Make use of the Studio Kiosk in front of my office:

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open-source RPI Smart Speaker (Hey, geeko)

a project by HarrisonWAffel

Project Description

I have some experience with VUI's and am interested in building my own from scratch using open source libraries.

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Rust in linux kernel

a project by dsterba

Project Description

Rust language is on the way to enter linux kernel, use this hackweek to explore and learn what this could bring us (or not).

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Minecraft basics for kids

an idea by calmeidadeoliveira

Project Description

Some of my son's friends are learning the basics in coding Minicraft. My son (9 years old) is poking me since weeks to learn as well, but I had no time to look for resources to teach him.

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Generate a GraphQL API for Uyuni's reporting DB and consume it

a project by j_renner

Project Description

Generate a GraphQL API for the new reporting database of Uyuni (using and implement a very simple UI using a modern frontend framework (e.g. nuxt.js).

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Refresh the internal SUSE Manager maintenance documentation

a project by deneb_alpha

Project Description

With this project I would like to refresh/update the confluence documentation describing how SUSE Manager maintenance works and how to process a SUSE Manager update round.

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OMEMO Hexchat plugin

an idea by dknorr

Project Description

i want to build a hexchat plugin, so i can run a omemo-secured conversation over irc with someone who also has an omemo implementation

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Moderated Meetings for opensuse Jitsi

a project by LSchroeder

Project Description

Package and Deploy:

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A CLI for Harvester

a project by mohamed.belgaied

Project Description

Harvester CLI is a command line interface tool written in Go, designed to simplify interfacing with a Harvester cluster as a user. It is especially useful for testing purposes as you can easily and rapidly create VMs in Harvester by providing a simple command such as:

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Nanos Unikernel

an idea by rpalethorpe

Project Description

Nanos is a "unikernel" providing a subset of Linux kernel features. It only allows a single process to run, but has multiple threads. It maintains the kernel-land to user-land boundary unlike other unikernels (so perhaps isn't strictly a unikernel).

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Utilize eBPF for network policy

a project by jianwang

Project Description

Utilize eBPF for network policy in (nested) virtualization environment.

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WiFi support for Canon Powershot sx430is

a project by tsbogend

Project Description

My Canon Powershot camera has integrated WiFi, but I haven't found a tool, which supports it. Gphoto2 project has support for PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) via LAN and it looks like this is usable for accessing the camera.

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mac80211_hwsim tool

a project by cfconrad

Project Description

Write a userland tool, to utilize the netlink interface of the of the mac80211_hwsim kernel driver.

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Explore Crev as collaborative code audit

a project by pperego

Project Description

Crev [1] is a collaborative code audit idea. Since it's common that more security engineers can work on the same projects, or there can be a different person auditing a piece of code after some time, there is the need to keep track of the code audit notes in a non-repudiable way.

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Use systemd Service Templates to manage OBS workers

an idea by enavarro_suse

Project Description

Currently, the systemd script that manages OBS workers (obsworker.service) calls a script (obsworker) that launches workers in windows of a screen session.

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Install BLOB-less U-Boot in SPI of Pine64 ROCKPro64 and boot from NVMe disk

a project by clanig

Project Description

This project is about installing a fully open source ARM machine. It was not originally a Hack Week project and some information gathering was already done before.

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Learn about Rancher products

a project by mgrifalconi

Project Description

SUSE and Rancher joined a while ago, but other than k3s, I have no good understanding about Rancher products and I feel I should get a better idea on what are their purpose and strengths.

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Paper reading club

a project by LarsMB

Project Description

Most of us remember a period of our lives when we had time to stay somewhat uptodate on the research and developments in our area of expertise. However, this often falls short during our day-to-day work, as we get bogged down in the engineering problems of the real world, and the struggle of explaining even basic concepts to laypeople :-)

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Building my own cluster on Raspberry Pi 4 with K3S

a project by mlin7442

Project Description

I'm not familiar with Rancher K3S, I'm always want to have a opportunity to understand it more, since I've 3 Raspberry Pi 4, I will building a cluster on them with K3S. This will based on openSUSE 15.4.

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Updatecli Kubernetes Operator

a project by olblak

Project Description

Implementing an Updatecli Kubernetes operator.

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Build Kernel from sources - openSUSE way

an idea by asmorodskyi

Find documentation on how to re-build openSUSE Kernel from sources and tweak some Kernel build variables

Goal for this Hackweek

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Explore Django

a project by djz88

Explore django

Learn and work with Django framework by writing/enhancing an application.

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Learn and research the ALP security framework

a project by bchou

Project Description

I will spend hackweek time getting more familiar with the security framework of ALP, as I am a WG member. There are many documents can be referenced.

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