Support virtual monitors for VNC in gnome-remote-desktop

a project by vliaskovitis

Project Description

Currently gnome-remote-desktop only supports remote-assistance sessions, where a VNC connection is tied to a physical local session . WIth this use case, the monitor configuration is provided by the server (mutter/gnome-remote-desktop), and this configuration matches the physical session monitor on the server.

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expand a "CMS" written in python/flask

a project by MMoese

Project Description

I'm 2nd head of a non-profit association, our goals are to help musicians and kids that want to learn playing an instrument, but whose parents cannot afford buying instruments or paying for musical education.

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A React-based alternative to our beloved bug/issue tracker finglonger

a project by avshiliaev

Project Description

Since we use different systems to report bugs (Bugzilla) and track their fixes (GitHub), we have a dedicated tool to keep our boards in sync and up-to-date between those two. The tool we use today is called finglonger and it's written in clojure which makes it rather difficult to maintain and expand.

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web-based testing tracker for aquarist-labs's s3gw

a project by jluis

Project Description

Keeping a consolidated view of a project's progress is a non-trivial endeavor. There are far too many moving parts from its inception, such as planning, issue tracking, development, and testing. All the while one must keep track of some form of metrics to ensure that there's progress, and that the progress is happening in the right direction (or whatever is considered the right direction at the moment).

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AWS Terraform Modules

a project by mtrachier

Project Description

Provide modules in Terraform registry for getting users started using Kubernetes on AWS.

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Update quilt's manual page

a project by jdelvare

Project Description

Back in June 2018, G. Branden Robinson submitted a 26-patch series intending to fix the quilt's manual page, addressing both contents and technical issues with the roff formatting. I went through the whole series and reviewed it carefully. I recall I had many objections so there was a significant amount of work needed, including reordering some of the patches, before resubmitting a patch series I would consider committing. Unfortunately, the contributor vanished before resubmitting, and all the work from both sides went to oblivion.

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Cgroup support for supportconfig

a project by firoyang

Project Description

Make supportconfig aware cgroup.

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Tosca Training

an idea by reka

Prepare Job Training in Tosca from the master test robotization experts in Tosca. At HKR Trainings, you would get redone and industry-situated Tosca Training. Our mentors will make your meetings intuitive by making sense of the ideas utilizing corporate contextual analyses. You would likewise chip away at constant tasks, which will assist you with acquiring pragmatic experience under the direction of our master coaches. Through our Tosca Online Training, you will secure an adequate number of abilities that can increase the value of your expert greatness. So advance your vocation through this Tosca course by enlisting now and get the best preparation from the specialists.

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Chest X-Ray Medical Diagnosis with Deep Learning and Javascript

a project by jordimassaguerpla

Project Description

The outcome of this project will be a static web page that can be used to diagnose different diseases based on a Chest X-Ray.

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Extended client information from SUSE Manager

a project by brianp

Project Description

SUSE Manager (SUMA) can export a information about client machines that it manages already, but the information exported is a limited and there is no option to adjust what is exported. The idea behind this project is to use the extensive API for SUMA to extract further details about managed clients.

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