Grab precise changes in log file/s between system events

a project by smhalas

Project Description

The goal of this project is to create a tool to monitor changes in a log file or any text file between specific events in the system.

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a project by dspinella

Project Description

A settings center akin to GNOME/KDE/XFCE settings panel but built for window managers like sway, i3 and hyprland.

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Learning topics in Lithmos and Linkedin

an idea by mdati

Project Description

Planning to improve knowledge and learning using Okta-Lithmos and Linkedin-Learning platforms on topics useful in testing jobs and start / continue / complete some training.

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End-to-end Confidential VM attestation

an idea by rhopkins

Project Description

When considering the protection of data in the cloud, it is vital that the data remains protected at all times. Encryption forms a vital part of this protection with encrypted communications between endpoints and service as well as at-rest encryption within databases, filesystems and other storage.

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A Flight Dynamics Library written in Rust with an Entity Component System architecture

a project by vcuadradojuan

Project Description

The Entity Component System is Data-driven architectural pattern, using composition over inheritance (contrary to Object Oriented programming). It is used in complex systems such as simulators, games, and Fintech; where the projects specify an array of complex systems that are loosely coupled. Projects where one needs to horizontally expand and change the behavior of a small subset of systems knowing that there will be no unwanted behavioral change carried to others, while at the same time provide a way to expand functionality that can be reused by a big number of the systems.

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Installation server setup utility - continued

a project by csalmond

Project Description

Create a utility that will simplify setup a SLES machine to be a PXE boot server. This will include installing and setting up tftp, dhcp client/server, nfs server, and vsftp server. Selecting, mounting, exporting, ISO and kiso images for PXE installation and setting up PXE boot menus.

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Generate ignition/combustion files from Uyuni/SUSE Manager

a project by dvosburg

Project Description

Ignition and combustion are the json configuration files used in SLE Micro/Leap Micro/Microos/ALP. These originated in Fedora CoreOS - so it is not distribution-specific.

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Experimenting with bootstrap compiler utilizing WASM

a project by malikirri

Project Description

A small group of people has been designing a new programming language, Mangrove, for a while and we're now in process of writing the first iteration(s) of bootstrap compiler(s). Part of our efforts is to research if we could utilize WASM for the first bootstrapping step to make it easier to bootstrap on different platforms. The language won't be using LLVM or any other existing backend to generate the machine code. We're building the whole compiling process ourselves.

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The Missing Middle: Add an intermediate brightness setting for auxiliary LEDs in Andúril 2

a project by gkenion

Project Description

Andúril is an open-source firmware for LED flashlights, which runs on several versions of ATtiny chip. It provides advanced functionality like configurable modes, brightness ramping, safety lockout, etc. via a UI controlled by a single button.

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Python Modules Mass Update

a project by pgajdos

Project Description

Python modules version updates in Factory.

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Integration of Ironic in Uyuni for automating provisioning of bare metal machines.

a project by ygutierrez

Project Description

Research about the integration of Ironic in Uyuni for automating provisioning of bare metal machines.

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Agama Minimal Live Image

a project by jreidinger

Project Description

The ultimate goal is to create agama live image that is really small iso and with minimal memory requirements. It provides just agama CLI and remote connection to web server. So no embedded browser.

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IBS & tracking tools integration workflow improvement

a project by lmiksik

Goal for this Hackweek

revisit the workflow and propose changes which will

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git hook that runs on clone; more git-verify signatures

an idea by jzerebecki

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Saline (state deployment control and monitoring tool for SUSE Manager/Uyuni)

a project by vizhestkov

Project Description

Saline is an addition for salt used in SUSE Manager/Uyuni aimed to provide better control and visibility for states deploymend in the large scale environments.

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RKE2/K3S working on IBM Power

a project by tkelly

Project Description

Mike Friesenegger and Tevor Kelly will attempt to build a Kubernetes cluster on the IBM Power Server in the SE lab in Provo

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Integrate devices to self-hosted Home Asisstant server

a project by JonathanKang

Project Description

I'll integrate my existing smart devices at home to Home Assistant server that I set up a while ago.

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a project by fkastl

Project Description

There's a project experimenting with verifying GCC optimizations using SMT solvers. Currently there is only one person working on this project. Analyzing compilers with SMT solvers seems like a cool new topic to me. Let's see how we could help.

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Leverage containers to distribute NFS DRBD storage among pacemaker cluster nodes

a project by zzhou

Current Situation [bsc#1201271]

SUSE HA NFS Storage Guide [1] provides a resilient NFS implementation to the clients even if the NS server node fails over within the cluster. However, it is Active-Passive of the two node cluster.

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study jupyter and try to write a simple kernel

a project by zcjia

Project Description

Jupyter is a python project that provides a notebook interface for different REPLs.

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Research on GNOME-related technologies

an idea by qzhao

How to use vala in future works

Project Description

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Learn and play with HAKube

an idea by XinLiang

Project Description

Try to learn about project HAKube (

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Try more on Rancher and Harvester products

an idea by xlai

Project Description

Get familiar with Rancher and Harvester products and find out how SLE products are being consumed in those products.

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GameYatra: Personal Hobby Game Project

a project by lthadeus

Project Description

GameYatra invites players on an adventurous journey through a myriad of games, each presenting a unique narrative and gameplay mechanics. The project aims to provide a fertile ground for learning and delving into game development. This is a personal project to venture into game development. This is going to be a continuous research and development project. Each level is a standalone game, offering a fresh narrative and a distinct gaming experience, all tied together by an overarching quest to reach the top level.

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Reverse Engineer a WiFi-enabled Water Heater and Create Integration for Home Assistant

an idea by nicholasyang

Project Description

Rinnai R16E32FBF is a tankless water heater with an internal recirculation pump. It is WiFi-enabled and has a companion app on Android/iOS platform. The app is capable to turn on/off the heater, adjust the temperature setting, turn on/off the pump, report the state of heater and provide statistics about gas consumption. However, there is no APIs for programmatic access.

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