Improve Full-Disk-Encryption support in openSUSE

an idea by ismaell

Project Description

The main goal is to enable the use of plain dm-crypt (as btrfs makes LVM2 unnecessary overhead) and a separate ephemeral key for the swap partition.

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Prettier dashboard for solar panel status

an idea by emiura

Project Description

My current dashboard for solar panel status runs on a raspberry PI and it is based on lighthttp and a couple of shell and python scripts, but it is very ugly.

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geekoops - reusable ansible roles for openSUSE

a project by ph03nix

Project Description

I started the geekoops project last year for hosting some generic ansible roles for openSUSE.

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Setup A Linux Cross Referencer for SUSE kernels

a project by tdz

Project Description

There's Elixir for browsing mainline Linux releases. We should set up a similar system for SUSE kernel releases.

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ioBroker for home-based lab

a project by hrommel1

Project Description

use ioBroker to power-control home-based lab with as low as possible carbon footprint

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Open Source book reader for visually impaired

a project by DKarakasilis

Project Description

I was talking with a friend the other day who is blind. He briefly explained to me how he reads books (the regular, paper printed ones). So, he is taking a photo of each page, passes that to the OCR to extract the text in digital form, then passes that to some text to speech engine to read it out loud.

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Generic retry command in openSUSE

a project by okurz


When automating tasks often the requirement comes up to retry commands, for example when network connections are involved and commands do not return successfully immediately or if resources are temporarily not available. Sometimes a simple for-loop in bash is sufficient. Sometimes it is necessary to use additional waiting between retries, sometimes timeouts are desired. Getting all those combinations right can be tedious and error-prone so a generic "retry" command should be available in usual environments so we should provide a retry command to openSUSE distributions.

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Commanded EventStoreDB Spear (GRPC) adapter

a project by fabriziosestito

Project Description

The Commanded Elixir CQRS framework provides an EventStoreDB adapter that uses TCP protocol which is being phased out.

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Solar water heating control panel using ESP32

a project by alarrosa

Project Description

I have in my house a solar panel to heat water that is controlled by a "dummy" control panel from which I can see the current temperature of the water in the solar panel and the water in the tank. There's a pump that moves water from the tank into the solar panel and back into the tank in order to heat it when the temperature of the solar panel is x degrees higher than the temperature in the water tank. There's also a resistance in the water tank that can be turned on to heat the water when there's no sunlight.

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Hack around c3os

a project by EDiGiacinto

Project Description

C3OS is a lightweight Kubernetes-focused GNU/Linux elemental derivative that optionally supports automatic node discovery, automatic role assignment and optionally VPN out of the box with no kubernetes networking configuration required.

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Extended Catalog of SUSE Slideware Templates

a project by dominic_vieira

Project Description

There are lots of interesting presentations happening all throughout SUSE on all manner of subjects. Presenters have found all kinds of creative ways to showcase their content using different shapes, templates, and other tools to convey important information. If you're looking to start a new presentation, the current slide templates are great to get started with but often time presenters have to look elsewhere for design inspiration. The goal of this project is to create a centralized "extended catalog" of Powerpoint and Impress templates, as a compliment to the existing templates, and make them available to SUSE employees through ImageRelay, that can serve as inspiration and templates for those looking to create rich and complex presentations based on examples built by fellow SUSE employees.

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EVERYONE can contribute to documentation – See how YOU can join the party

a project by chabowski

Project Description

During Hack Week 21, we would like to invite EVERYONE interested in contributing to SUSE documentation and/or in understanding how the docs are created, to interact with us – and feel more comfortable.

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Implement search in zellij

a project by MSirringhaus

Project Description

zellij is a tmux-like terminal tiling and session manager written in Rust.

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openSUSE on Fairphone

an idea by FridayKetchup

I am curious if we can run openSUSE or another SUSE OS (SLES/Micro) on a Fairphone. Status: To start at the beginning

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a project by dspinella

Project Description

rinit is an init written in Rust. It offers a valid alternative to systemd for PID 1 and service management. It uses the supervision to manage long running programs (deamons), log everything to files (no binary log interface) and provides an easy to use command line interface. rinit is already working and able to spawn services and handle their dependencies.

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Developer documentation for edlib

an idea by neilbrown

Project Description

edlib is an editor that I am writing - because I got too annoyed by emacs.

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Give back to Wezterm

a project by mpagot

Project Description

One day in the past, a relative young geek met Wezterm terminal emulator in a wood or rusty repos. At that time he was used to drive a Win10 machine for work and a Linux shiny supercar for fun and Wezterm fit on both.

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Open-source software for controlling Genesis Thor keyboard

a project by jbaier_cz


There is a (Windows-only) software for controlling / setting the color modes on the Genesis Thor 300 RGB keyboard. I believe the communication protocol can be reverse engineered and an open-source variant for the accompanied software can be created and full potential of the keyboard unlocked.

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awesome open source

an idea by hennevogel

There are tons of awesome lists about all kinds of open source tools. There is no list about resources on how to do open source. Let's collect links to awesome open source guides. SUSE/awesome-open-source-guides

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Polish a few GFXprim apps

a project by metan


GFXprim is a minimalistic widget library written in C I've been toying with for the last ten years. At this point there are several useful application written in it such as music player, pdf browser, map viewer etc.

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Add Graphics Mode to WozMania

an idea by e_bischoff

Project description

WozMania is an Apple ][ emulator on ARM processors that I wrote during my spare time. It works fine, but for the moment it's text-mode only.

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Some modern webUI feature in openQA

an idea by okurz


Want to learn JavaScript and current frameworks and improve openQA

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Discover X11 or Wayland displays with Akri

a project by atgracey

Project Description

I want to be able to schedule a k8s workload when a display is attached. This is useful for wallboards or other workloads that need a screen.

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an idea by gbaccini

Project Description

grog aims to implements a namespaced, distributed map kept alive by an arbitrary number of nodes over a local network.

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an idea by phillipsj

Project Description

A Windows init system based on ignition and combustion for Humans.

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