[Description]: # A simple web package can find openQA jobs/jobgroups which use specific test module [Status]: # In plan [Reason why]: # We have many test modules which may be used by other job groups [for example, different QEM job groups] If we do some code changes, we need make sure VRs should be done for all these jobs. However, It is not an easy way to find all these jobs.

Project Description

 This project may provide a web page [or tamper monkey ] to find the related jobs/job groups

Goal for this Hackweek

# Complete this task and do fully test to make sure it can work fine for openqa.suse.de


a. 1 VM which can provide http server, openqa cli b. tamper monkey plugin (or simple web server)

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 21


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  • Comments

    • szarate
      about 2 years ago by szarate | Reply

      Maybe you wanna check George's and Ana's module mapper

    • MDoucha
      about 2 years ago by MDoucha | Reply

      You can search the entire OpenQA instance job history using the /tests/overview page, e.g.: https://openqa.opensuse.org/tests/overview

      Test module name is one of the filters, however the results are often incomplete or don't show the latest jobs in the group. The page is also difficult to find. It'd be great if you could fix the search in OpenQA itself.

    • rfan1
      about 2 years ago by rfan1 | Reply

      Thanks all for the comments, and here comes our achievement show :)

      The initial plan was find all the jobs in O3 and OSD+maintenance job groups in a single web page, then we can trigger the VR for them to make sure the code changes are strong enough.

      In this project, we will try to find the latest 2 builds to get more accurate results [in case, the jobs are not done]

      However, there are still some issues now.

      1. performance, we use openQA_cli to get all jobs in loop mode. it will take several minutes to find the jobs, even we only check few dedicated job groups, we may need check the DB directly later to get quick return

      2. As @MDoucha mentioned, we need integrate this "FILTER" function in to openQA framework, we may do this in next hackweek though, since we may need learn more about openQA

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