Do Stuff with SUSE Raspberry Pi

an idea by cjschroder2

Install and test SUSE's Raspberry Pi distro on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Explore the practical uses of stuffing a Linux distro on a bitty little single-board computer. Kiosk, digital signs, media server, gaming platform, digital photo frame, network attached storage...what is this little gadget good for?

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Telemetry for Uyuni - The research

a project by dleidi

Uyuni is an heterogeneous and giant project (actually it is a beast) made of many pieces, many languages, many internal architecture structures, and also very old and new technologies live in it. Said that, and based on the fact Uyuni delivers tons of features/functionalities not all the end users use, it is not trivial at all to understand

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Run C code from source with tcc

a project by bmwiedemann

It would be nice to have a OS that can be tinkered with easily by having only a compiler as the only binary on the system.

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A recommendation engine for SCC

a project by mbologna

Let's imagine you are a sales engineer. You want to either:

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Improve debug information for LTO compiled objects

a project by rguenther

The goal is to use the work from the debug-early GCC branch to generate better debug information for LTO compiled objects, especially with regarding to language specifics like classes and templates. This has now been achieved and openSUSE Factory

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Scripts and recipes for setting up VMs with multipath and other compex storage stacks

a project by mwilck

Customers are using complex storage stacks such as LVM over dm-crypt over MD RAID over multipath over iSCSI and FC with LOTs of LUNs, and we're facing problems in that area which are usually very hard to reproduce. It's also hard to guard against regressions. Being able to quickly and reliably set up VMs with various types of storage / multipath is a key part of testing multipath. It's doable, but cumbersome and has a steep learning curve. I want to create easy-to-understand manual recipes plus scripts that are both easy to understand / customize and deploy.

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Learn Elixir

a project by david_kang

I would like to learn Elixir, I plan to do some tutorial and look into books. I if I have time also start with Phoenix the framework for Elixir :smile:

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netlink interface for ethtool

a project by mkubecek

There seems to be an overall consensus that the ioctl interface used by ethtool is a poor design as it's inflexible, error prone and notoriously hard to extend. It should clearly be replaced by netlink and obsoleted. Unfortunately not much actual work has been done in that direction until this project started. The project started in Hackweek 16 (fall 2017) and has been worked on since, both in Hackweek 17-19 and outside. First two parts of kernel implementation are in mainline since 5.6-rc1, first part of userspace implementation (ethtool utility) has been submitted to upstream at the end of Hackweek 19 (2020-02-16).

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Improve GUI interface for FriCAS

a project by zcjia

The current GUI of FriCAS is ancient and difficult to use. I plan to improve that by using modern GUI frameworks, at least to make a working proof-of-concept demo to show this idea works.

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MAM Project

an idea by zkalmar

Maintenance Assignment Manager

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ocfs2: use iomap

an idea by goldwynr

iomap is a way to map file blocks to the device. Many filesystems such as xfs, ext4 or gfs2, use this common code to perform buffered and direct I/O. The advantage would be smaller codebase in individual filesystem code (ocfs2), lesser defects and better maintainability.

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Install Robot Testing Framework and port some tests to it

an idea by apappas

The goal of the project is to explore one of the testing frameworks competing with openQA and evaluate its weaknesses, advantages and differences.

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a project by mstrigl is a port forwarder to * 2 ARM Server

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SUSE Manager: Windows client support

an idea by pagarcia

Let's see how much, if any, of the steps described here I can get done:

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Snapshots for jenkins pipelines

a project by ktsamis

This issue has been blocked for a while due to time constraints so I want to take Hackweek 19 to work on it.

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A CI/CD approach for Solid Ground

a project by vstsironis

Solid Ground is an essential software tool for the daily tasks of an L3 agent. A continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and even more a continuous deployment, approach is currently missing from its development ecosystem slowing down its release cycles. Current project aspires to sketch the design principles of such approach and if possible to end up with a functional CI/CD mechanism that will be utilized in the next software releases of Solid Ground.

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Learn Machine Learning

an idea by Jeffreycheung

Today, people talk about AI and machine learning, I would like to study a bit about this. I have found some blogs and online tutorials which I will take time to study during hackweek.

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Multi-Machine test automation in openQA

a project by bchou

Many cases are Client-Server testing or Multi-Machine testing in FIPS area, I plan to hack and learn more deeply about Multi-Machine test automation in openQA. Refer to:

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Install openSUSE Tumbleweed and set up hass on rpi4

a project by mlin7442

I got a Raspberry pi 4 not long ago, I'd like to install openSUSE Leap 15.2(Alpha) on it, and set up hass - Home Assistant, a open source home automation assistant on rpi4, then have some fun with it! Update: hassio dropped py3.6 support in Dec 2019, since Leap 15.2 stays with python 3.6 rather that python 3.7, I've to use Tumbleweed instead.

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AWS, Kubernetes, openQA, openSUSE Mirrors and OBS

a project by SLindoMansilla

Take the oportunity to learn Kubernetes, to play with AWS and compare performance and availability of openQA and OBS instances and openSUSE Mirrors running on AWS. -

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Kubernetes + ML

a project by mcounts

I tried to work blockchain into this, just so we could cover the trifecta of buzz words. Sadly I could not maintain saintly and do this. What do I plan on doing? a few things, so please reach out if you would be interested in any one of them. I will update with a list later.

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Study openQA

a project by qzhao

I want to study the knowledge of openQA I will read the online documents and do some experiment in virtal-machine.

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Fix terracumber, add some python unit tests, try to extend it and publish it

a project by juliogonzalezgil

Last year I developed Terracumber and, for the moment published it at one internal GitLab repository. We intended to replace the set of scripts we have to launch sumaform for the Uyuni and SUSE Manager CI, but lacked adding the monitoring part.

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The Ricer's Guide to Linux

a project by simotek

Working with some of the Linux modding communities I am aiming to make the ultimate guide / knowledge base for modifying the look and feel of your Linux install. The scope of this hackweek project is to get the initial framework set up using Jekyll with some basic content added. Further content will be added in the future.

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Refresh my knowledge of linear algebra

an idea by qkzhu

I have to stay in the house due to the outbreak of 2019-nCoV, it's a good time to pick up my textbook and immerse into the math world. Resources:

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Prototype JIRA project with hybrid Scrum/Kanban approach

a project by lpato

DevOps teams face double sided challenges: development tasks should be planable and maintenance tasks should maintain their flow to provide maximum value through the queue. Build a prototype JIRA project to help them organize their workload with a Scrum board for their development tasks and a Kanban board for their maintenance work, all fed from a common backlog.

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Play with SUSE CaaS Platform

a project by xguo

SUSE CaaS Platform is a Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified Kubernetes distribution. - Family with SUSE CaaS Platform

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Deploy a Ceph Cluster in AWS using sesdev

an idea by LenzGr

For testing and development purposes, the SUSE Enterprise Storage team has created a tool called sesdev, that deploys a fully configured Ceph cluster on multiple VMs using Vagrant/libvirt. In this project, I would like to explore if it's possible to extend sesdev in such a way that it can perform the deployment on Amazon AWS instead.

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Enhance openQA group reivew script

an idea by waynechen55

I have already implemented this script in Hackweek18:

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Golan no vendor

a project by rjschwei

At present it is our practice to "vendor" all dependencies for a Golang package. This has the advantage that everything is in one nice package and self contained but it has the disadvantage that dependencies are hidden and therefore security issues may slip through the cracks. The idea is to investigate and create automation "go2rpm" that generates a spec file with the necessary "BuildRequires:" such that the dependencies can be broken into golang- packages and we get rid of the implicit dependency inclusion via "vendor". The potential problem is scale, with some golang applications having thousands of dependencies.

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Graphics support for SGI Octane

a project by tsbogend

With the approach of kernel 5.6 SGI Octanes are supported with builtin IO components. What's missing for a graphics workstation is a driver for the graphics card. There is already a not upstreamed framebuffer driver for Impact graphic cards. Since there will be no new framebuffer driver accepted upstream, the goal of this project is to convert the existing frame buffer driver to a DRM driver and make it ready to be sent upstream.

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Learning how to properly build Distros in home: projects

a project by RBrownSUSE

openSUSE now has a lot of black magic around building distributions for :Factory and :Leap This includes all of the 000* packages and opensuse-release-tools doing very useful stuff like pkglistgen automatically managing the package lists for .kiwi files so release managers don't need to manually update which packages are going on which media

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Learn O'reilly Fundamentals of Deep learning

a project by jerrytang

Ai and Machine learning play important role in our life, I'd like to learn it. research to see is there any way of using DEEP learning on open source stuff.

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Bot to check new gems in the bundle for maintainability

a project by hennevogel

If I submit a PR on github || SR on OBS that introduces new gems into the bundle I want a bot to tell me about the maintainability of this gem. -

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Write a simple ESMTP mail server in Haskell

a project by psimons

Hackweek 21?

Postmaster desperately needs a mail spool. I need to come up with a good way to store meta information about queued messages. An sqlite database seems like a natural fit because I might want to do some nontrivial queries in there to figure out which messages to deliver (and where). On the other hand, interfacing with sqlite is a bit unpleasant, so instead I might want to write one big JSON file that contains all relevant information. That would certainly suffice for the first version ...

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Migration of Pology to Python3

an idea by vpelcak

Pology is a Python library and collection of command-line tools for in-depth processing of PO files, the translation file format of the GNU Gettext software translation system. Pology functionality ranges from precision operations on individual PO messages, to cross-file operations on large collections of PO files.

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Bootable JeOS images for RISC-V

an idea by Andreas_Schwab

Create bootable JeOS images for RISC-V, for qemu and the HiFive Unleashed board. The existing images are set up for qemu linux-user emulation. <>

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Improved Jira notifications - How to customize email template content for email notification

a project by xgonzo

Problem description Jira is used inside SUSE to track various process/workflows.

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Python3 - hands on learning

a project by lpalovsky

This is kinda continuation of my last hackweek project - learning python3 the parcical way. The goal is again to replace existing bash script which will generate 3 node KVM HA cluster on my workstation and automate quite a boring part of HA regression testing.

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Smart tool to show current K8s network performance

an idea by mosquetero

How cool would be it if a Sales Engineer could run a tool in the customer's site that measures the network performance to demonstrate how fast our K8s platform is? What if the customer could do that herself/himself to provide useful information to our support team in order to find the source of a bug? What about using such tool for our CI to discover potential performance regressions? What if the tool was smart enough to change configurations on the fly and run optional tests based on the measurements it collects? It is obvious there is a wide variety of use cases where we could benefit from such tool. I have been learning Kubernetes and go for a few months and now it is time to combine both! This tool will use a K8s controller that will create pods to do the measurements and then fetch the results. Based on those, it will decide to just return those values or change config and run extra tests.

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Tool to help diagnosing stalling system

a project by jankara

Diagnosing issues with stalling desktop application (or a whole desktop environment) is difficult these days as the application often requires multiple processes interconnected with sockets, pipes, futexes, etc. to work and often it is not clear which process is the one responsible for blocking the whole ecosystem. The idea of this project is to write a tool that gathers information about processes in the system and for each process that is sleeping display the resource (file, socket, futex) it is waiting on as well as the process that is likely responsible for unblocking (feeding pipe, sending data to socket, unlock futex, ...). Once the information is gathered, we can also plot it for graphical displaying with tools like graphviz.

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Woman in tech seminar/workshop in NUE

an idea by MoBach

In July a big digital convention is happening in NUE

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Build openSUSE on buildsystem

a project by gmoro

ABF is a buildsystem developed by ROSA ( and OpenMandriva ( currently being used for their distribution. The build system is FOSS and is available to be deployed anywhere. ( (

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openSUSE Kubic Get Started

an idea by zzhou

Play with openSUSE Kubic, and explore the possibility to modernize our own engineering workflow.

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Write script to setup openqa server

an idea by leli

To speedup the deployment of openqa server, just combine all cmds to setup openqa server in the script. Depend the system info to setup corresponding repos and packages automatically.

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xdg-utils python rewrite

a project by simotek

The plan is to start working towards a rewrite of xdg-utils in python, focusing on the really bad bits such as dealing with desktop files and mime handling. In this hackweek, I want to split python-xdg into multiple libraries such as python-mime and python-desktop file and prepare them to be used in helper binaries to handle some of the more complex tasks currently done in shell.

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A comparative description of modern build systems and QA systems

a project by lpato

SUSE is using OBS as a build system and openQA for automated testing purposes. The goal of the study is to find out the strengths and weaknesses of these systems and compare them to other open source alternatives in a structured way.

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uMEC Documentation - Architecture and Installation

a project by FSzekely


uMEC (aka MicroMEC, or Micro-MEC) is a project under the Akraino Edge umbrella. SUSE joined in 2019 and together with partners we managed to create the 1st prototype infrastructure.

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Reimplement Finglonger in Go

a project by malbu

Finglonger is an internal tool used by the SUSE Manager team intended to make the life of the Round Robin Bug Guy easier. It was originally written by @fkobzik in Clojure. This is an attempt to learn some Go by reimplementing Finglonger.

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Backup server on openSUSE in Raspberry Pi 3 with external USB mass storage

a project by bzoltan1

I would like to set up a small backup server on my spare hardware What I have:

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