Run AMA outside of SUSE Engineering

an invention by szarate


Get a closer look at how developers work on the Engineering team (R & D) of SUSE, and close the collaboration gap between GSI and Engineering

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Play with stable diffusion AI model to generate custom avatars

an invention by STorresi

Project Description

Generate a personalized avatar artwork images by fine-tuning stable diffusion on personal pictures

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Create a kubectl plugin for Epinio

an invention by ecandino

Project Description

The Kubernetes CLI kubectl can be extended with plugins. While Epinio provides a CLI itself some of the operations are meant to be run from operators with direct access to the cluster. For example there is no way to create a user (a Kubernetes secret), assign a namespace to a user, create a "Epinio role" (coming soon) and assign it to a user.

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Use Uyuni to migrate EL linux to SLL

an invention by RDiasMateus

Project Description

With CentOS 7 going EoL next year users need an option to move forward and keep receiving updates if needed.

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Fine Tuning LLaMa2

an invention by rtorrero

Project Description

Fine tuning of a LLaMa2 model

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Epinio speech-to-command POC

an invention by mamartin

Project Description

My goal is to attempt to build a basic speech-to-text app that can execute some basic CLI commands for Epinio simply using voice without touching a keyboard. Examples:

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Reduce the amount of TODOs for RuboCop in OBS

an invention by enavarro_suse

Project Description

The OBS project has a big TODO RuboCop file. Reducing its size and addressing RuboCop offenses will help to improve the health of the codebase.

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Metrics for QE Yam squad

an invention by rainerkoenig

Project Description

Measure metrics for the QE Yam Squad that are useful and display them on a Grafana dashboard.

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Rancher Upgrader - Upgrades your rancher install via helm, and communicates critical changes from release A to B.

an invention by rweir

Project Description

Rancher Upgrader helps the user upgrade their rancher install and walks them through all need-to-know release notes.

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The 5 days of Hackweek

an invention by bear454

5 small projects in one hack week

I always try to take on something bigger than I can complete in Hackweek, and then wallow in my frustrations for weeks after. This time I'm doing something different: one small project every day; 5 accomplishments; 5 successes. I invite you to join me. Post your mini-projects in the comments.

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Project Felis: A desktop Linux distribution with immutable root file system that uses Xfce desktop

an invention by mauriziogalli

Project Description

The aim is to create a desktop Linux distribution with immutable root file system and Xfce desktop as user interface.

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Design/build personal home energy storage system with mid-level components

an invention by okurz


I already have photovoltaics installed on the roof of my house. For years I was looking into home energy storage solutions but commercial offers are too expensive to provide a positive RoI so it is necessary to atleast assemble some parts by hand. I don't feel confident to build individual battery packs together and run multiple kWh in my house for years so I am going with "mid-level components", i.e. commercial off the shelf battery systems and power inverter.

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Write a mod for dystopian horror video game, Signalis

an invention by annablendermann

Project Description

Write a mod in C# for dystopian horror video game, Signalis. I'm not experienced with mods so this could also include the following

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Learn Lilypond and Use It to Typeset Sheet music

an invention by smithfarm

Project Description

As an amateur classical musician, from time to time I am confronted with the need to write sheet music. This can be done by hand, of course, but computer-generated sheet music is much easier to read and should be faster to produce. To say nothing of being easier to fix mistakes in...

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Offline SUSE Audio AI Assistant

an invention by alexlau

Following up on Hackweek 22, the RAG AI aims to answer customer questions by relating them to SUSE documentation. The dependency on OpenAI is being removed in favor of an open source, GPU-less LLM platform to provide an audio assistant that can be used across platforms. So the goal of this demo is to create an offline, no GPU-required audio assistant workflow.

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Investigate zypper/openSUSE repository refresh optimisations

an invention by dirkmueller

Project Description

For a few months, openSUSE community has the ability to host the openSUSE rpm repositories on a commercial CDN and it is in a slowly rolling out phase. There are however remaining potential bottlenecks and optimisation opportunities. My goal for this hack week is to investigate them and make reasonable progress on resolving them.

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Package Kata Containers artifacts as an Helm Chart

an invention by fgiudici

Project Description

Kata Containers is an open source community working to build a secure container runtime with lightweight virtual machines that feel and perform like containers, but provide stronger workload isolation using hardware virtualization technology as a second layer of defense.

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an invention by mkoutny

Project Description

Software engineers should be proficient in their area of expertise and also have overview of adjacent abstraction layers to understand the world in better context. Despite SUSE is not a hardware company, this project aims at implementing a simple RISC-V processor on a hobby FPGA board.

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