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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to any human-like intelligence exhibited by a computer, robot, or other machine.

Package MONAI Machine Learning Models for Medical Applications

an invention by jordimassaguerpla

Project Description

MONAI Deploy aims to become the de-facto standard for developing packaging, testing, deploying, and running medical AI applications in clinical production. MONAI Deploy creates a set of intermediate steps where researchers and physicians can build confidence in the techniques and approaches used with AI — allowing for an iterative workflow.

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Implement Generative AI for SUSE Asset management (using Amazon Bedrock)

a project by mpiala

Project Description

As Generative AI is everywhere around, we want to research its possibilities, how it can help SUSE, its employees and customers.

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AI frontend to Bugzilla

an idea by paolodepa

Project Description

Over the years, our bugzilla database has grown up in size, becoming a very valuable source of truth for most support and development cases; still searching for specific items is quite tricky and the results do not always match the expectations.

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Play with stable diffusion AI model to generate custom avatars

an invention by STorresi

Project Description

Generate a personalized avatar artwork images by fine-tuning stable diffusion on personal pictures

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TinyTutor - an AI chat-bot powered children's tutor

a project by dmulder

Project Description

This project will create a simple chat-bot for tutoring children for school. Lessons will be pre-configured by feeding in a document and requesting the material be taught to a child in consideration of the child's age, etc.

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A quantum physics experiment puzzle (designed with Google's CP-SAT solver)

an invention by moio

link to video player demoing the result

A quantum physics effect to teach, a puzzle to build, a problem to solve, a tool to learn!

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a project by ngetahun

Project Description

At SCC, we have a rotating task of COOTW (Commanding Office of the Week). This task involves responding to customer requests from jira and slack help channels, monitoring production systems and doing small chores. Usually, we have documentation to help the COOTW answer questions and quickly find fixes. Most of these are distributed across github, trello and SUSE Support documentation. The aim of this project is to explore the magic of LLMs and create a conversational bot.

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Create language model based on Uyuni documentation

an idea by nadvornik

Project Description

The goal is to have a language model, that is able to answer technical questions

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