SUSE SE Marketing tools and Demos

a project by nbatsford

Project Description

Our project is to develop Tools and demos which can be deployed using Helm on Rancher.

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Improve unaligned fs read behavior for u-boot

an idea by wqu_suse

Project Description

Although U-boot has a fuse like interface to support different filesystems, the unaligned read is in fact completely handled by the underlying fses.

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Explore linuxboot

a project by clin

What is linuxboot?

LinuxBoot is a firmware for modern servers that replaces specific firmware functionality like the UEFI DXE phase with a Linux kernel and runtime.

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Securing and improving home/server network

a project by ohollmann

Project Description

Now, when mikrotik supports WireGuard there is no need to stay with OpenVPN. Let's try to setup WireGuard and investigate it's options, test performance etc.

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Show Me The Key: A screenkey alternative that works under Wayland via libinput

a project by AZhou

(Improve last hackweek's project.) <>

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Improve zypp-gui tool

a project by xiaoguang_wang

zypp-gui is a gui tool to update the system and install the packages in openSUSE distro. It's written by rust.

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Aperture: a simple game engine written in C based on OpenGL

a project by StarryWang

Project Description

This project was initially created for my graduation project. Currently, I've finished

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YaST log grouping, better visualization of the log

a project by lslezak


TL;DR: I'd like to have something like this for YaST log.

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FTrace Visualization Tool

a project by jesingh

Project Description

A visualization tool that directly digests ftrace function traces and provides easier to understand timing diagrams with the ability to quickly look up functions from within the program.

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Adopt Typescript in D-Installer

a project by IGonzalezSosa

Project Description

In January, we announced the D-Installer project, an attempt to build a web-based installer on top of YaST and Cockpit. Since then, the codebase has grown significantly, especially the JavaScript part.

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