Preserve SUSE's history

a project by fos

Project Description

SUSE dissolved an old warehouse, containing lots and lots of boxes with old SUSE / SuSE / S.u.S.E software. All of those boxes were originally going to be dumped in March 2021, which could be prevented.

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a project by fabriziosestito

toniowm is yet another window manager written in Rust.

Project Description

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Open Source Culture in China

an idea by sunyan

Project Description

I am one of founders of openSUSE.Asia summit and actively got involved in Open Source Community, coincidentally I was given a book named "Open Source Culture in China" by the writer Xiaoqing Fan, so I plan to read this book and get to know what is situation of open source in China combining what I have seen and heard, then will think about what can I contribute more to promote open source.

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Welcome Hack-Venturers, to the Age of Choice!

an invention by dfaggioli

Project Description

SUSE Hack Week is about bringing people together, building bridges and letting them have fun, while they also grow, develop their interests, experience collaboration and enhance their cooperative spirit, when having to deal with complex problems and difficult situations.

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