Project Description

Join an instructor-led bootcamp to explore the Rust programming language in two-hour sessions each day throughout Hackweek. Sessions will be between 7-10am Pacific, 3-6pm Central Europe (exact time will be determined as we get closer)

Goal for this Hackweek

We want to raise awareness of Rust and give hands-on experience over HackWeek. If the attendees want to hack together on a Rust project, I'm fully in support of that.


Why Rust?


*Our instructor will be Anatol Ulrich of Ferrous systems.

*We will be recording these sessions and posting them in the HackWeek Stream

*We have a rocketchat room #RustBootcampHackWeek20

*More about the company running the training

*More about Rust:

Looking for hackers with the skills:

rust learning fun exploration growth

This project is part of:

Hack Week 20


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    • gfilippetti
      11 months ago by gfilippetti | Reply

      I'm interested :)

    • csalmond
      11 months ago by csalmond | Reply

      Does anyone know if SUSE has plans to use/include Rust in distros?

      • agraul
        11 months ago by agraul | Reply

        Rust is already part of SLE 15 (see SMELT), openSUSE Leap 15 and, of course, openSUSE Tumbleweed add-emoji

    • locilka
      11 months ago by locilka | Reply

      Could you PLS record these sessions? I guess we might later have some new employees interested in it too.

      • SMorlan
        11 months ago by SMorlan | Reply

        We will request the ability to record these. We're also talking about putting this on the list for the next HackWeek, as well.

    • SMorlan
      11 months ago by SMorlan | Reply

      Wow! Thanks for all the interest! We were quoted for a group of 10-12, but we're working on expanding to include more.

    • ikapelyukhin
      11 months ago by ikapelyukhin | Reply

      "We're gonna need a bigger boat" add-emoji

    • jguilhermevanz
      11 months ago by jguilhermevanz | Reply

      I think is a good idea to have the environment ready for the sessions. Which version of Rust and tools do we need?

    • ancorgs
      10 months ago by ancorgs | Reply

      There is more concrete and up-to-date information about the final schedule and/or whether we all fit?

    • SMorlan
      10 months ago by SMorlan | Reply

      I will be sending out invites to the sessions tonight or tomorrow (US time). We can have 15 people in the session, so some latecomers will not be included. I have already started talking to Olli about just planning for another session for this during next Hack Week. With earlier planning we may be able to get separate sessions in geo locations and maybe full-day sessions.

    • SMorlan
      10 months ago by SMorlan | Reply

      We will get to record and share the sessions.

    • cdywan
      10 months ago by cdywan | Reply

      Seems I "was not in the 15 signups". Bummer. This would've been the perfect combo with the rust-based project I'm on for the hackweek

    • glaubitz
      10 months ago by glaubitz | Reply

      Is there still a way to follow these sessions? Passive participation would be sufficient for me.

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