On Demand Business App Development

an idea by felicacarroll

V3cube offers clones Websites & on demand mobile app development including uber app clone, car wash app clone, uber for doctors, tutors on demand app clone, beautician on demand app clone and many more with free installation and launch.

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Deep Packet Inspection: compare the performance between libnetfilter_queue, NF_HOOK and eBPF XDP

an idea by nguyens

Project Description

The objective is to benchmark 3 different methods to perform deep packet inspection (layer 4 payload string search):

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RKE2 and Rancher deployment with Pulumi

a project by bkampen

Project Description

Terraform and Ansible are used within the Consulting Team for automating RKE2 and Rancher deployments, but with the change in Open-Source License of Terraform and the RedHat “problems”, I think there is a need for an alternative solution like Pulumi. I have no experience with Pulumi and there isn’t much documentation around it (regarding Rancher and Terraform). There is a Package for Rancher but nothing for RKE2.

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Open source voice controlled AI drawing interface for young kids

an idea by jstehlik

Project Description

Open source voice controlled AI drawing interface for young kids

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Learn HPC and get Harvester Deployed and Running on Top of HPC

an idea by mweiss2

Project Description

Because I never had in touch with HPC and Supercomputer - I would like to learn more about our HPC offerings and solutions and then find a way to deploy Harvester on top of HPC.

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SAR Performance Data Plotter

a project by roseswe

SAR Performance Data Plotter

SAR stands for System Activity Report. It is a tool used to monitor system activity on Linux systems. The sar command is part of the sysstat package and captures a set of statistical information such as CPU load, memory paging, memory utilization, swap usage, network I/O, and much more.

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Gameboy emulator written in Go

a project by mikeletux

Project Description

This project aims to write a minimal Gameboy emulator using Go programming language.

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Let's play with RKE, Ansible and Libvirt!

a project by ccamacho

Project Description

There are a bunch of K8s distros out there, why dont trying deploying RKE on a Libvirt host using Ansible?

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Useless machine: Bureaucratic microservice edition

an idea by apritschet

Project Description

Implement of a useless machine as an event-driven web app, which needs to comply to a fictitious overly bureaucratic process.

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Full Stack development with Laravel

an idea by instailyacademy

Our mentors have years of practical experience in the professional field and they know what problems beginners may face while working in the practical field using the knowledge of PHP with Laravel Framework. The developers need to understand what the clients want and how to meet the criteria. The experts can guide you to understand how to develop an application from the scratch and that is too in a simple way using the knowledge of PHP with Laravel. All the modern facilities and hands-on training are included to prepare the students for the upcoming projects in the industry and build up confidence in them. After completing the course the students become able to work on the LIVE projects and take their skills to the next level by gathering experiences in the field. Moreover, the mentors at Instaily are extremely motivating and they can understand where the students tend to make mistakes. So, they can handle them carefully and prepare them to start their career after successfully learning the skills in detail.

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Digital Marketing Fundamental Course

an idea by instailyacademy

Digital marketing is an upcoming area which shall see a lack of quality professionals for a long time. The growing importance of SEO, social media and online marketing has seen a very sharp rise for quality digital marketeers. The digital marketing training program at INSTAILY has been devised to address this requirement and prepare professionals who want to make a career in the niche area of Digital Marketing. Several studies have shown that there shall be a shortfall of quality professionals in Digital Marketing as the market is yet to mature. Also, all organisations who have a presence in the online world shall be needing quality professionals with Digital Marketing skills to carry out their organisational activities.

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Full stack development with Python and Django

an idea by instailyacademy

In this full stack development with Python and Django course the students will get to know all the detail about the latest technology from our meteors who have already gained a good name by serving multiple clients successfully. They know the essential professional skills that the developers need to grow before handling LIVE projects. The core technical concept of developing the websites using Python and Django along with the Frontend technologies can secure your future in the coming days.

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Mean Stack Development Full Course

an idea by instailyacademy

Our experts design the mean stack development full course covering everything from basic to advanced. The Node backend developers need to have a clear concept of the fundamentals. Our experienced and skilled professionals can understand how to clear the basic concept and develop your skills in different tools like Express for website development. The focus of our professional trainers is to prepare you as the best node developer who can also do testing, developing, and deploying successfully. The complete package of the course can help you to build up your independent career as a Node developer. The technical details of the website’s backend can become easy to create once you clear your conceptual doubts. Our mentors with over 10 years of experience are there to help you in this learning.

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App development using React Native

an idea by instailyacademy

React Native course is all about combining the knowledge of web development with React and using it for developing different latest mobile applications for different platforms. Now, students opt for the React Native course to develop applications for iOS and Android. The mentors at Instaily have the professional experience of working on multiple projects using React Native for developing the best applications for clients.

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Apple Silicon openSUSE spin

a project by vgrinco

Project Description

The folks at Asahi linux have been working on porting linux on the Apple Silicon. In a recent blog post they announced they will be joining forces with Fedora on releasing a Fedora Asahi Remix. I would be happy to see this level of collaboration between Asahi and openSUSE community, too.

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A set of utilities to produce a "from scratch" OCI/Docker container using Opensuse/SLE rpms

a project by ldragon

Project Description

I recently used melange and apko to build a from scratch image. The result was a set of auditable and easy to use container and apk repository. The toolkit reduces the work need to make from scratch images with minimal work on the actual docker container(which can be quite painful if you've tried making a from scratch image on your own).

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Test Results for openQA on GitHub

a project by livdywan

Project Description

Jobs in openQA are usually reviewed via the web UI. Inspecting os-autoinst logs requires significant insight into the inner workings. Tests run in a CI such as GitHub are thus not easy to debug.

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influxdb-rails 2.0

a project by hennevogel

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Basic calendar interface for upcoming openSUSE meetings

an idea by lkocman

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Update Haskell ecosystem in Tumbleweed to GHC-9.6.x

a project by psimons

Project Description

We are currently at GHC-9.4.x, which a bit old. So I'd like to take a shot at the latest version of the compiler, GHC-9.6.x. This is gonna be interesting because the new version requires major updates to all kinds of libraries and base packages, which typically means patching lots of packages to make them build again. A significant part of the development effort will be live-streamed on Twitch so that others can collaborate easily.

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Open Source Firmware for EV chargers using the ESP32 Chip (Autoaid / EN-Plus / EVSEDO)

a project by bschmidt

Hack Week 22

Project Description

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early stage kdump support

a project by mbrugger

Project Description

When we experience a early boot crash, we are not able to analyze the kernel dump, as user-space wasn't able to load the crash system. The idea is to make the crash system compiled into the host kernel (think of initramfs) so that we can create a kernel dump really early in the boot process.

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Switch software-o-o to parse repomd data

a project by hennevogel

Currently software.opensuse.org search is using the OBS binary search for everything, even for packages inside the openSUSE distributions. Let's switch this to use repomd data from download.opensuse.org

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Port some classic game to Linux

a project by MDoucha

Let's pick some old classic game, reverse engineer the data formats and game rules and write an open source engine for it from scratch. Some games from 1990s are simple enough that we could have a playable prototype by the end of the week. Write which games you'd like to hack on in the comments. Don't forget to check e.g. on Open Source Game Clones, Github and SourceForge whether the game is ported already.

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