Deploy Uyuni proxy using Elemental and Fleet

a project by cbosdonnat

Project Description

Now that Uyuni proxy can be run as containers this project is about deploying it using Elemental and Fleet.

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ARM SCMI study

a project by clin

Project Description

Study/Trace SCMI code stack in ARM Trusted Firmware, such as build flow, included drivers, and protocols.

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Improve Qualcomm SOC msm8994/msm8992 kernel mainline support

a project by pvorel

Project Description

Due previous hackweek ( both msm8994 angler and msm8992 bullhead are booting and due other activity (including my work) both have working SD card, but that's just start. Add support for other functionality.

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Add the conditional scenario support to skippkg-finder

a project by mlin7442

Project Description

The Leap built ftp-tree is from a customized kiwi file, the ignored packages listed in this kiwi file is according to a predefined packagelist, not like openSUSE Tumbleweed or any other openSUSE distribution, this NON_FTP_PACKAGES file is auto-generated by a script - skippkg-finder, skippkg-finder don't support different conditional scenario, in other words, not handle the ignores for specific architecture, we found out we need this feature for some special cases, like binary rpm doesn't have an corresponding source rpm on an specific arch, the goal is aim to implement the conditional scenario support in skippkg-finder then it can generate a proper ignored packagelist into NON_FTP_PACKAGES file, and converted to a matched ignored packages into the ftp-tree file eventually.

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Look at Microsoft Mu project

a project by joeyli

Look at Microsoft Mu project Read documents of Project Mu and will look at git

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Implement something like Time Slider on Solaris

a project by yudaike

Project Description

Time Slider is a Solaris feature, which utilizes ZFS to provide a graphical way for restoring individual files from automatically scheduled snapshots. Since we have btrfs on SLE/openSUSE now it's probably an interesting project to implement something similar.

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Look into distrobox as a launcher of desktop and applications on ALP

an idea by yfjiang

Project Description

Look into distrobox as a launcher of desktop and applications on the latest ALP image.

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XRechnung Viewer and Tools

an idea by kfreitag

Project Description

There is a brand new project to provide free software for end users to work with XRechnung files.

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Simple time scale for active record models

a project by digitaltomm

Project Description

Goal of this project is to have a simple way to configure the collection of historical data

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Read ML4 HANA performance test setup document

an idea by Xiaojing_liu

Project Description

Read the document: ML4HANAPerformanceTestSetup_Guide

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Explore a popular desktop distro -- Steam Deck OS

a project by zcjia

Project Description

I'd like to explore a very popular desktop Linux distribution from last year -- the Steam Deck OS. It is said to be immutable, so I hope to get some inspiration from it to help our ALP.

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Add support for resolving package conflicts interactively in PackageKit

a project by JonathanKang

Project Description

This has been a missing feature in PackageKit. I'll try implementing this in PackageKit itself and its zypp backend.

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Learn about ALP

a project by XinLiang

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Port zypp-gui to GTK4

an idea by xiaoguang_wang

Project Description

zypp-gui is a tool to download and update system.

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K3S Control Planes as a service

a project by ademicev0

Project Description

We know that Kubernetes clusters need control planes but running them in dedicated VMs might not be always efficient, instead, we can run them as pods within the management cluster.

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image-tools: simple tool for mirror/save/load container images & KDM and chart image list generator.

a project by StarryWang

Project Description

Currently, the way to install Rancher in Air-Gap mode (with personal registry server) is using the rancher-save/ script to save container images required by Rancher into tar.gz tarball and load it into the personal registry. These scripts work fine when saving and loading single-arch images.

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container storage research

an idea by qzhao

Study container storage technology and how the filesystem supports it.

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Support listing resources for hierarchical namespaces in Kubernetes

a project by comurphy

Project Description

The hierarchical namespaces project in Kubernetes allows us to organize namespaces in a tree structure. But, since it is just a layer on top of vanilla Kubernetes, it doesn't offer an API to do anything more complex with that tree structure.

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clsr (Command Line Spaced Repetition) Learning Tool

a project by adam.pickering

Project Description

Learning and retaining information is one of the biggest challenges for programmers. So if there was a way to increase the efficiency of one's learning, it would be very useful. Luckily, there is such a thing: spaced repetition. TLDR: you create flashcards, each of which contains one piece of information you want to remember, and review them at intervals that psychology has determined are optimal for learning.

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picture-book: Registry Mirror server / image sync'er

a project by HarrisonWAffel

Project Description

Setting up and populating image registries can be a lengthy and error prone task. The idea is to create a CLI / web tool for managing and automatically syncing (mirroring) images to a custom registry. This would be an interesting project that would result in a helpful tool that can save time and reduce human error (mistagging).

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Salt formula for Certhub

an idea by crameleon

Project Description

Deploying individual ACME clients on many clients makes maintenance and troubleshooting of individual certificate renewal failures troublesome and error prone. As an idea for a solution, I would like to combine parts of Certhub ( and SaltStack to make for a central solution which can be deployed in an organization. The solution should allow for domains to use different ACME servers if needed.

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UYUNI - synchronize content between registry servers

a project by RDiasMateus

Project Description

UYUNI has the ability to synchronize packages from remote locations. But doesn't have a similar solution for container images.

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unbound resolvconf

a project by michals

Project Description

Replace resolvconf with a tool that generates unbound(8) configuration instead of resolv.conf.

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Man pages in a container

an idea by doreilly

Project Description

MicroOS and Jeos images don't have their man pages installed to save space. This means having to switch to a browser or a full system just to look things up.

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Fleet standalone UI

an idea by raul.cabello

Project Description

Fleet can be used without Rancher, however there is no UI available at the moment. The idea is to create an UI that can be used without Rancher. It should be similar to the Continuous Delivery section in Rancher.

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