Project Description

There is a brand new project to provide free software for end users to work with XRechnung files.

Please check to learn more about XRechnung and a new project to handle XRechnung files. Any help to bring this forward to support German digitalization is appreciated.

Goal for this Hackweek

The following goals could be achieved in this Hackweek:

  1. Create a package of XRView for openSUSE and other distros in OBS (KDE:Extra)
  2. Create any "modern" deployment variants for XRView such as AppImage, Flatpack or whatever is hot (and useable)

Also the tool itself can be improved:

  1. Improve functionality, ie. a menu bar, printing etc.
  2. Simplify the XSL stylesheets used, to make it more easy customizeable.
  3. Allow modification of the life cycle data of the XRechnung document
  4. Implement digital signing of the document


Just hack on in Github:

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

This project is part of:

Hack Week 22


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