Bring opaws to Rust

an idea by szarate

Control you openQA instance from an Amazon Echo!

How cool is that?

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Clandestine Chat Room(s)

a project by nbutler

Project Description

Human interactions are influenced by a myriad of subconscious biases. When these interactions move online and become text-based, plenty of us choose to conceal certain aspects of our identity. How many Twitter profile pics are real photos of the person running the account? How many female Warcraft characters are played by people who identify as men? I'd like to take it all a step further and create a place to experience real-time conversation with as minimal personal identification as possible.

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Finding Files that are Shadowed by a Mount

a project by shundhammer

This started as a sub-project of QDirStat, but it turned out that this may be useful in general, and it would be too dangerous and too error-prone to offer it directly in the QDirStat GUI. Things can easily go wrong, there may be many pathological situations, and many operations require root permissions; not anything a GUI program should rely upon.


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Fix some warnings in graphviz

a project by cvoegl

Project Description

Graphviz ( currently raises over 4000 warnings during a build from master on Leap 15.2

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Learn python, python-gtk3, play with orangepi zero, experiment ili9341 and 20x4 LCD screen

a project by aginies

Project Description

Learn python: get data from LMS server, display on an LCD.

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Resurrect NWS CLI project

a project by seanmarlow

Project Description

Many years back I created a simple python based CLI package that wrapped the NWS API to get weather forecasts, discussions and current conditions. Meanwhile I have not had time to keep it up-to-date so many pieces are broken or using deprecated features of the REST API. The package is useful to get weather information much quicker from CLI than clicking through the NWS website.

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Evaluating the influence of agile changes on the milestone delivery - assessing the risks

a project by rtsvetkov

Evaluating the influence of agile changes on the sale build delivery - assessing the risks


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Script that loads dummy data into HANA database for testing purposes.

a project by rangelino

Project Description

Sometimes when we reproduce a customer issue, it doesn't always demonstrate the same behavior the customer is having. So, we engage backline or open a bug or throw up our arms in frustration. I have one such customer with just an issue like this. Running the exact same commands in an almost identical sles4sap version environment and yet I cannot reproduce what she is seeing? What to do?

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Improve posixovl to support fully featured POSIX file system on top of any limited file system (e. g. vfat)

a project by sbrabec

posixovl is a FUSE based successor of the old UMSDOS. It has a goal to provide POSIX file system functionality on top of vfat. Its code is nice and well written, but its feature set is not complete yet. It just supports: POSIX modes and user/group, hard and symbolic links, device nodes and named pipes. Much more can be done:

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Add Valgrind checks to Libgcrypt

a project by pmonrealgonzalez

Project Description

The regression tests in Libgcrypt could benefit from having memory leak detection checks. These checks could be run optionally during build time. One well suited tool for this purpose is Valgrind.

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