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openQA is very diligent about providing logs, but they can be different to parse especially as one has 15 webUI tabs open. This project aims to provide a better interface to read the logs provided by openQA.

Goal for this Hackweek

A Qt GUI application that when given a host and job number will provide a formated, colored, searchable view of the corresponding autoinst-log.txt. This will be done in a manner that will allow the view to be integrated easily in another Qt application.



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Hack Week 20


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    • apappas
      over 3 years ago by apappas | Reply

      cc @ilausuch

    • ilausuch
      over 3 years ago by ilausuch | Reply

      I joined this project because it is really interesting and useful. In my case, I would like to explore 2 different ways with the same objective 1. Use of lnav 2. Use of JS parsers to integrate in the openQA application

    • asmorodskyi
      over 3 years ago by asmorodskyi | Reply

      Just share my experience because I had similar idea but it failed . So one might learn in my failure to not do same mistakes . This is what I have done . Idea was to download raw openQA logs parse it with some smart python code and generate html file which filter out some useless ( from my POV ) messages and show you colored eye-candy log file . Also I had more ideas how to improve this log but I drop this project at some point ( currently it is deleted from master and only stay in dedicated branch so I can reuse it ) . The reason why I drop it was that approach became very fragile to any kind of changes in openQA raw log . Any new message type or even reformat of existing message in the log lead to hard to debug errors during execution . So I see two solutions here - you need to have very good unit test coverage which can take any random autoinst-log.txt and give answer about every function in isolation if it is still applicable to current log format , or you need to convince tools team to support you approach :) Of course all this applicable only if you have a hope to go for something more than just hackweek project which will be thrown away after a week ;) Feel free to reach me with any questions ( if you have any )

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