In order to get me help managing our football (en_us: "soccer") team, I developed a web tool in php.

That tool is having a list of all matches over the season and is sending out mails with links to each player some days before the match. Players then can give feedback on being available to play that match or not. With that the team for the next match can be formed and announced.

After the match statistics like result, scores and assist can be entered and a summary will be send out to all team members.

In the meantime the tool was growing and growing, it is notifying the referee and the green keeper on matches, tracking who was washing the jerseys and generating a table of honor with number of matches each player was attending so far.

It is creating appointments for each match on a shared vcalendar and adding addresses to a vcard address book.

But there is still more to be added. One thing is, while players birthdays are on the calendar, I wand to send out mails to remind for milestone birthdays.

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