Learn Go language

a project by mlin7442

Learn Go language by through The Go Programming Language book.

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[Windows Subsystem for Linux] Build newest WSL-DistroLauncher in OBS

a project by lkocman

This is a task to update current WSL-Launcher (which can be already buildt in OBS) with latest-greatest upstream code https://github.com/Microsoft/WSL-DistroLauncher Fork of fabian's project (initial work to get it working):

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Testing mtui using "Rapid software testing" methodology

an idea by ONalmpantis

I will be testing the software we use in QAM called mtui, using the rapid software testing methodology. This means, we will use efficient ways to test the software, learn the software and file bugs in the given time we have.

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Learn Vim scripting

an idea by npower

I use vim (yes one of those people) but I am a real non power user, I'd like something like Aurelien's smbmode for Emacs to be available when I open samba log files in vim. I have no idea how possible or not this is. I came across this tutorial/book some time ago but didn't find the time to look at it. I'd like to go through the book and hopefully have a crack at starting a samba log reader plugin for vim (duplicating the features from smbmode)

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Phylogen: an iterative approach to evolutionary tree analysis

a project by dmulder

https://github.com/dmulder/phylogen As part of a graduate project I created the phylogen script, which combines the ASTRAL and IQTREE analysis tools into one iterative approach to finding the highest bootstrap score tree for various species of Mayflies. At the completion of the project, there was some work left undone, and I had a few ideas on how to improve the average bootstrap score of the final tree.

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Use C++ static analyzers for GCC codebase

an idea by marxin

I'm planning to experiment with clang-static-analyzer, cppcheck and maybe with coverity: Wiki page with list of static analyzers

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From bare metal to virtualized Kubernetes cluster with just Salt and Redfish

a project by joachimwerner

My goal is build on Alberto's work on "yomi" and the new Salt-based virtualization management features that Cedric has contributed, then combine them with a Redfish prototype to do the following from one (ideally idempotent) Salt state (orchestration state if required): * mount the installation media via Redfish

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PQ metadata aggregator for Bluray 4k UHD discs

an idea by pgeorgiadis

Long story short, I would like to practice my golang skills. For that I am going to write a parser that finds ratings for the picture quality of the new 4k UHD discs.

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Azure File Service compatible REST frontend for CephFS

an idea by dmdiss

The Azure File Service protocol offers a RESTful interface for files and directories which are simultaneously exported via SMB. Ceph already provides separate (S3 compatible) REST and SMB (Samba) gateways, but they expose storage object via different layers and as a result don't allow for cross protocol access to the same data.

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Inspect distribution crypto patches

an idea by vitezslav_cizek

I'd like to check patches in openSUSE Factory packages that deal with crypto and TLS settings. I'm interested in:

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Learn Golang

a project by krauselukas

Since quite a while I'm interested in learning the programming language golang. I want to use the time to get a basic understanding and maybe realize a small project with the gained knowledge.

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Clustered Samba with Ceph omap as a replacement for CTDB key-value storage

a project by dmdiss

Ceph offers a highly scalable and fault-tolerant storage system. Samba is already capable of sharing data located on the Ceph Filesystem, however scale-out sharing (the same data exposed by multiple Samba nodes) currently requires the use of CTDB for consistent and coherent state across Samba cluster nodes. In such a setup CTDB provides a clustered database with persistent key-value data storage and locking. Database usage is abstracted out via a generic dbwrap interface. Ceph's librados library provides an API for the storage and retrieval of arbitrary key-value data via the omap functions. A watch/notify protocol is also provided as a mechanism for synchronising client state (locking). Key-value data stored in the RADOS back-end inherits the same redundancy features as regular objects, making it a potentially good candidate as a replacement for CTDB in scale-out Samba clusters.

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Integrate Bard with MusicBrainz and implement a proper web interface

a project by alarrosa

My music manager, Bard, was improved in the last hackweek with a very simple React-based web interface but I didn't like the result at all (basically, after learning React I noticed I didn't like it and all the dependencies and the complexity it added) so since then, I've reimplemented the web interface using just jQuery. Also, in the last months I've added musicbrainz data structures to the database (which was also ported to use Postgresql) to prepare bard to use MusicBrainz's data. I also stopped using other python libraries to read audio files and use the ffmpeg libraries directly instead with a c++ wrapper implemented inside Bard which is much much faster. In this hackweek I'll try to finish the integration of Bard with MusicBrainz (basically, import the needed MB data to the database) and use it to generate a web interface that shows and uses that information to organize music. This would allow to show information and for example perform searches for songs not only on the main artist but also on performers or even mixer (see for an example all information available on this Queen album)

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Geekos x Externaltools

a project by farahschueller

The day has come to finally merge more and more apps into one single place, and this time it shall be externaltools. I'd like to merge functionality of externaltools into geekos, as they share quite a lot of concerns. This way, we can beat fragmentation and have a single tool to track teams, tools and floors.

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June Circuits '19

a project by ammartinez

Circuits is a coding marathon to challenge developers with several programming questions of varying difficulty level over 9 days. https://www.hackerearth.com/challenges/competitive/june-circuits-19

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Learn eBPF and develop a small prototype

an idea by admehmood

Goal is to gain the theoretical knowledge about eBPF - extended Berkeley Packet Filter and then implement a small tool to see some magic. Plan is to do all of this on an Arch Linux image to get a taste of that distribution as well.

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Investigate py-spy for OpenStack services profiling

an idea by tbechtold

py-spy is a python profiler (similar to pyflame (which is unmaintained)). The profiler can be used to create profiling data for running processes. This might be useful to find bottlenecks in OpenStack services.

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Learning MachineLearning by example

a project by apritschet

This is my attempt to catch up on the field of machine learning. In order to not "waste" time of exercising with dummy data the Security team came up with a couple of interesting questions: 1. Is a software mentioned in a bug or security issue relevant in incident management (Tagging as Not for us)?

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SUSE Manager for Retail Instructional Video Tutorial

a project by lkotek

The goal of this project is to create video tutorial describing configuration of SUSE Manager for Retail. There is a precise documentation describing every step of its configuration, but SUSE Manager for Retail is still a very complex piece of software and there is a lot of things to be configured configured properly (proxy configuration, Kiwi image building, DNS, DHCP, etc.) in specific order to get it finally working.

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setup of openQA and write a simple openQA test

a project by brhavel

As the automation became a standard within Maintenance QA work, I would like to became more familiar with the whole magic behind. Plan is to go through internal docu a try to setup openQA and write some simple tests (and adjust the docu once there are any gaps): https://confluence.suse.com/display/openqa/QAM

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Rados backend for NVMe

a project by hreinecke

Goal is to implement a rados backend in drivers/nvme/target. That will allow the NVMe target implementation to directly access Rados objects (ie export RADOS objects as namespaces), allowing third-party applications and/or OS to use NVMe-over-Fabrics to access a ceph cluster.

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Stream Radio Device

a project by zkalmar

Stream Radio device - It is built with Raspberry Pi Zero WH

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Survey the docker support in FIPS 140-2 validation

a project by bchou


  1. Understanding of docker knowledge
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HA inside OpenStack VM ( SLE12SP3 code stream )

a project by zzhou

In the other day, there were questions about to migrate high availability solution into OpenStack. With that context, there is no question to run the critical pacemaker and corosync processes inside the cloud. There is no difference between VMs and bare-metals in regarding to the dependency management system for both systemd and pacemaker, which is quit different than the situation of the container world. However,

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Improve monitoring in internal infrastructure

a project by kbabioch

The monitoring in our internal infrastructure needs some love and attention. I want to spent some time during this hack week on the monitoring by fixing old checks, implementing new checks and making sure that those are configured and installed via configuration management. Checks I have in mind for instance are:

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