I use vim (yes one of those people) but I am a real non power user, I'd like something like Aurelien's smbmode for Emacs to be available when I open samba log files in vim. I have no idea how possible or not this is. I came across this tutorial/book some time ago but didn't find the time to look at it. I'd like to go through the book and hopefully have a crack at starting a samba log reader plugin for vim (duplicating the features from smbmode)

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    • npower
      almost 5 years ago by npower | Reply

      Did alot of reading and not enough coding. However I did manage to create my first vim plugin (currently one detects log.smbd) But one could force the type detection for log.winbind etc. via

      set filetype smbdmode

      hackweek code (and hopefully subsequent updates) available from here

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