Play with OpenCV

a project by nadvornik

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. The goal is to get familiar with OpenCV API and with the available algorithms. Specifically, I want to look into these particular tasks:

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a project by wiederda

Package a basic, stripped down version of sysvinit for emergency cases, so you can repair a failed system without interference. My goal is not to replace systemd with sysvinit again, but to provide a sysvinit-base package that does not have any dependencies at all and can just be installed on any system. sysvinit will only be used in exception situations by specifying the kernel parameter "init=/sbin/init" or something like that. The package will come with the binary, a minimal inittab and a basic boot script that does only the really needed stuff. Experiment with an extension to have sysvinit execve systemd, so people can boot into their allmighty uber-daemon once the system has been fixed.

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