Docker research

a project by fanyadan

It's just my learning project about Docker, I will research and learn how to deploy and configure Docker and Docker cluster, and also I will try to learn everything related about Docker.

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Kubernetes research

a project by fanyadan

Continue my last project - Docker research in last hackweek with researching Kubernetes

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DevOps application for L3 service on research

a project by fanyadan

DevOps is hot, and SUSE now is changing that we will not only provide OS and relative products but also online-application-like products e.g. docker application, so L3 service needs to improve as well.
Google has established their DevOps implementation - SRE system, and has maintained long time, I opened this project for researching if DevOps way could be applied on L3 service referring to Google's experience.

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Play CAP on AWS

a project by fanyadan

Have a play with SUSE CAP on AWS during this hackweek.

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Speed hacking on my Xiaomi Scooter Pro 1

a project by fanyadan

Project Description

I have a Xiaomi Scooter Pro 1 which I bought two years ago, it has 25 - 27 km/h of max speed by factory setting, but it's more or less slow to me since I'm a speed lover :smiley: So I decide to unlock the speed limit (maximum with safety might be 40 km/h) during this hackweek.

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