Project Description

I have a Xiaomi Scooter Pro 1 which I bought two years ago, it has 25 - 27 km/h of max speed by factory setting, but it's more or less slow to me since I'm a speed lover add-emoji So I decide to unlock the speed limit (maximum with safety might be 40 km/h) during this hackweek.

Goal for this Hackweek

  • Unlock the speed limit.


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 20


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  • Comments

    • fanyadan
      about 2 years ago by fanyadan | Reply

      I have just double chekced the information label of this scooter, it is pro 1 not pro 2, so changed the project title and description. And I have verified that my first customized firmware, it successfully made the max speed reach 34km/h in sport mode, I will do more experiment to see if it can reach 40km/h

    • fanyadan
      about 2 years ago by fanyadan | Reply

      After some search, it seems the stock battery voltage is not enough to push the max speed to 40km/h, a way to make so is connecting with additional 12v battery to increase the voltage beyond 42v, but this needs to modify the hardware which I don't want to do since I only desire to approach through software tunning. There is a Youtuber who has approached 41km/h merely by customized firmware, I have mailed him to get his firmware file for reference.

    • fanyadan
      almost 2 years ago by fanyadan | Reply

      It's now reached 40km/h with merely modified firmware and all stock hardware, I put the short video on Modified the firmware of my Xiaomi Scooter Pro 1 to reach 40km/h with 8.5 inch tires., it's just learning how it's working this time, I hope I could get it reach 50 or 52km/h (it needs to add another battery) in next hackweek.

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