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Look into things that make security/code reviews of rust code easier and play with cargo-crev.

Is there a lint or other automatic way like a deny compiler directive, to check a rust crate doesn't write any files? Can we come up with a list of these implicit capabilities in the standard library to make it easier to know which places to review? Maybe the crate cap-std can be inspiration? Is there a way to sandbox cargo build scripts?

cargo-crev allows coordination of reviews via a web of trust. How can it be extended with categories to differentiate a review that attests that the crate is e.g. safe to run with trusted input or fully sound? How can relation of these categories, like a proper sub-category, be made machine readable? See a draft of how machines could assist in collaborative review for more general ideas.

Goal for this Hackweek

cargo-crev doesn't support relating to GPG/OpenPGP yet: .

cargo-geiger which is also used by cargo-crev walks the source in a simplicst way ( ) so it will miss uses in macros. clippy has an easy to use lint for disallowed methods but I don't know if there are any uses it will miss.

Made it possible to walk repos and thus find reviews from people you did not yet trust:


Looking for hackers with the skills:

rust security

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Hack Week 21


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