app localization visualizer

an invention by sbrabec

Tracking and fixing translations in modern applications is a surprisingly complicated task. Visible strings often come from several projects, and strings can be processed by a complex formating. The project should extend the current project trace-wrappers to easily display string sources inside the application. The project successfully reached a working state: watch gettext

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Get SUSE VPN running on Android (was: get SUSE VPN running on sle12)

an invention by sndirsch

Figure out how to get SUSE VPN running on Android.

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Finish GCC match-and-simplify work

an invention by rguenther

In GCC we have multiple intermediate languages and for all of them we do manual pattern matching and replacement. The project uses a domain specific language to unify and simplify those pattern matching and replacing code. During hackweek I plan to split out working parts to merge to GCC trunk.

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Modify the Line6 kernel driver

an invention by mseidl81

I want to modify the driver so that it:

  • a) supports newer hardware
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All documentation as program code

an invention by jsmeix

I like to try out if it is possible to write a program that does not have any kind of the traditionally separated documentation (like external files that contain the documentation texts or comments in the program code). Instead all documentation must be implemented as code at the same place where the matching functiomnality is implemented (i.e. each function implements also its documentation). In the end the user should get only the executable that he can run to let it do the intended functionality and also to provide any kind of documentation. What I do not want is a dumb '--help' option that lets the program spit out its built-in documentation. What I would like to have is that the user can run the executable in some kind of self-inspecting way. I mean: While it does the intended functionality, it can also provide documentation so that the user can explore the program while running it. In the end the user experience should be more like a text adventure ;-)

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Voxel exploration game

an invention by KGronlund

The idea is to play around with a minecraft-like block exploration game, written from scratch in C using SDL2 and OpenGL 3.0. Minimal dependencies, probably won't be a game as such before the end of the week, but the goal is to have a world generated and to be able to walk around in it. Why? Mainly to refresh my 3D knowledge, catch up with what's happened since I last played with that stuff, and to have fun. :) * Source code

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Elastocloud back-end for Samba

an invention by dmdiss

1) Add support for the Microsoft Azure File Service REST protocol to Elastocloud, a cloud storage client library created in a previous Hackweek. 2) After completing (1), create an Elastocloud VFS module for Samba that intercepts filesystem IO and locking operations. This would allow for the creation of a globally accessible Samba share backed by cloud storage, which could also be accessed by VMs deployed in the Azure cloud.

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Travis CI support for Yast

an invention by lslezak


Travis provides nice integration with GitHub, it can automatically run tests for every commit or every pull request.

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openSUSE on QEMU/AArch64 + UEFI

an invention by gary_lin

The UEFI image for QEMU/AArch64 is available in the openSUSE build service now. However, there is no openSUSE image for that setup. This project is to make openSUSE run on QEMU/AArch64 + UEFI and this may be useful for the openQA in the future.

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Update osc collab to support upstream info for python packages from pypi

an invention by tbechtold

Seems that there is currently no good way to check which python modules are outdated in devel:languages:python . AFAIU could learn howto handle information from pypi and set the attributes "UpstreamVersion" and "UpstreamTarballURL" for the packages.

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NIS and IPv6

an invention by kukuk

Look at the NIS RPC protocol, enable IPv6 where possible, document where not. Try to find out what Solaris is doing.

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Build python2 and python3 packages from single spec file

an invention by tbechtold

Currently python2 and python3 packages are completely independent. Would be imho good to build py2 and py3 versions from a single source (as Fedora, Debian & Ubuntu do already). There was already a mailing list post about this:

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SUSE Cloud familiarization

an invention by markkp

Use my work supplied workstation to set up SUSE Cloud under KVM and deploy several instances of servers.

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an invention by pgajdos

  • czech translation
  • [ ] turn antialiasing off -> [x] font antialiasing
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AuthStralia — (almost) stateless authorization ecosystem for a web age

an invention by kpimenov

AngularJS, Websockets, REST APIs for mobile apps, one-time links for emails — what’s the topmost complexity all those things share in common? It’s authentication. Authentication typically means sessions, and sessions are simply ubiquitous state for our stateless-by-design web.

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Port Spacewalk to Salt-Stack

an invention by dmacvicar

Spacewalk has its custom client stack. Salt stack provides a big bunch of it, but it is a popular community project and add other features on top:

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Matasano crypto challenges in Rust

an invention by vitezslav_cizek

I want to learn Rust and improve my cryptography skills, so I'll be solving the matasano crypto challenges in Rust. The source code for the challenges I had time to finish is on my github

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Improve YaST Security Center

an invention by abergmann

Adding additional features to the YaST "Security Center and Hardening" module. -> procfs: add hidepid= and gid= mount options

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Enhance kdumpid

an invention by ptesarik

The kdumpid tool can be used to determine the kernel version from a crash dump. Some useful features are missing: - support for new compression methods (lzo, snappy)

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Faster Raspberry Pi Builds for SUSE Studio

an invention by bkutil


In order to be able to throw pies faster and distribute them even to remote SUSE colonies, we need to build an advanced antimatter-fueled pie hyper-accelerator.

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Sonic Pi on SUSE

an invention by wstephenson

Sonic Pi is a live-coded software synthesiser for teaching computing via music. It originates on the Raspberry Pi but should be on mainstream Linux too. This project is to clean it up by removing Raspbian hacks, package it and its dependencies and get it running nicely on openSUSE. Sonic Pi uses Ruby to control the synthesiser, and the frontend is written in Qt.

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Port (part of) digikam to KF5

an invention by alarrosa

KDE Frameworks 5 is already quite stable but most big applications have not been ported yet. My plan is to work on digikam (and its libraries, libkdcraw, libkipi, libkface, libkgeomap, kipi-plugins) to port them to use the latest KDE libraries version. To be more precise, I plan to work on the job framework and its thread support since ThreadWeaver's API has changed a lot and after talking with Caulier Gilles (digikam's main author) he was interested in that. This is part of libkdcraw, but if I finish early in the week, I'll continue with another of the libraries.

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Parallella: Epiphany packaging for openSUSE

an invention by a_faerber

The Parallella is an SBC with Xilinx Zynq SoC and 16-core Epiphany-III co-processor. I had contributed a device tree for the Parallella to v3.17 (with a network/clock issue just reported by Olof Johansson to be investigated).

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Experiment with no-mmu Linux (STM32F429I-DISCO)

an invention by a_faerber

A broad range of ARMv7-A boards have been enabled in openSUSE already. I would like to complement my experiences by bringing up Linux on an ARMv7-M board, the STM32F429I discovery board, featuring a Cortex-M4 and 8 MB SDRAM. As first step I would build and deploy an image based on instructions from the Internet, using downstream U-Boot and kernel and known-working binary arm-uclinuxeabi compiler toolchain. As preparation I have already packaged the genromfs tool.

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Scalability improvement for running tiedot database on SMP systems

an invention by guohouzuo

tiedot is a general purpose, document database engine designed for both embeddable usage and running stand-alone DB server, implemented in Go. Despite the effort of partitioning collection data and indexes, a single tiedot process still cannot scale beyond 4 CPU cores due to limitations of both data structure and Go runtime. Last year, an attempt began to partition data across multiple tiedot processes, and use IPC for communication and database logics. Initial benchmarks show promising scalability improvement using the new implementation. So let us complete the new implementation together, to bring the most scalable & embeddable DB engine for Go programs!

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