The idea is to play around with a minecraft-like block exploration game, written from scratch in C using SDL2 and OpenGL 3.0. Minimal dependencies, probably won't be a game as such before the end of the week, but the goal is to have a world generated and to be able to walk around in it. Why? Mainly to refresh my 3D knowledge, catch up with what's happened since I last played with that stuff, and to have fun. :)



The project is now finished, at least as far as I got during this week. There is still a lot remaining to have a proper game.

I managed to get a basic block world running with infinitely generating terrain, loading as the player moves around. There is some basic lighting which is visible in one of the screenshots above.

During the process I encountered a lot of interesting problems, mainly reacquainting myself with 3D math and ANSI C (and GDB). The first screenshot above is the result of an interesting bug when adding the functionality to grab screenshots directly in the game. I thought it had a certain aesthetic appeal.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

3d opengl games c

This project is part of:

Hack Week 11


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    • thutterer
      over 7 years ago by thutterer | Reply

      Cool. One of my maybe-projects is exactly like yours! Except that I don't have much knowledge to fresh up yet and that I started using freeglut, not SDL. Maybe I'll join and we (=you) can share tips and snippets remotely :)

    • KGronlund
      over 7 years ago by KGronlund | Reply

      That sounds good! I have some sneak-start experimental code on github here:

      I have discovered that I really need the refresher, so much math that I have forgotten. :)

      a screenshot

    • KGronlund
      about 7 years ago by KGronlund | Reply

      I have been blogging with my progress here:

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