Revive (web)pin for openSUSE

a record by lrupp

Which package currently provides ? A question for/from packagers and currently not easy to answer, even if the Build Service might know about the content of packages inside a repository as he created the nice filelist.gz files inside the repomd directories with all the needed information already.

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Update kernel for RaspberryPi on openSUSE

a record by dsterba

It's 3.11 time.

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Company Dashboard

a record by hennevogel

Grab the workstation in the room behind the reception desk and make it a serve some dashboard framework like dashing to the TV at the reception desk and the network.

Things to display:

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Rusty Web

a record by oholecek

There is this rather new programming language from Mozilla called Rust. Its in development for over a two years and it is finally getting to some stable point and not changing every night or so. The language has many interesting features and concepts for safe concurrency and high performance worthy exploring. Thanks to my subtle desire to recover some long lost web programming skills I want to test how will Rust do as a, albeit very limited, web framework.

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Create tool for applying patches from kernel-source.git against OBS kernel project

a record by sleep_walker

Sometimes we get from Labs team patch from kernel-source.git. It is nice as it contains not only patch against expended kernel tree, but also changes series.conf and changes file and identical patch is in GIT. Unfortunately it always leads to conflicts, tarballs need to be extracted and then repacked so most of the job is done manually. I'd like to create tool which would help apply such patch automatically whenever it is possible.

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Chromium/Chrome extension to always allow saving passwords

a record by thardeck

Chromium/Chrome is - unlike Firefox - not able to save the password for many sites. There is already one extension which should fix this but doesn't work and there is also the Chrome Lastpass extension which is not supposed to have this problem but since I don't really need the other features it is no option.

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Git-like subcommand support for zypper

a record by mlandres

Inspired by gits way of supporting extension commands. The docker team would like to use this to provide a convenient way to patch docker images and running containers.

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Carrierwave ownCloud Storage Plugin

a record by hennevogel

A carrierwave add-on to use ownCloud as a storage backend so you don't have to hand your uploaded data to the cloud a.k.a. other people computers.

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Edit Widget Properties in YDialogSpy

a record by shundhammer


The YaST UI has introspection on the widget level: In any YaST dialog, hit Ctrl-Shift-Alt-Y (Qt UI) to open the YDialogSpy. Use the widget tree that pops up to highlight the corresponding widget in the dialog. Hit the "Properties" button to see the widget's properties (current value, layout stretch factors, layout weights, ...).

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a record by lrupp allows you to combine repositories on with a simple to use WebUI for writing books. As result, your crazy content in your (or whatever *.md) files will become available for your customers as book in form of a pdf, epub or mobi download. This hackweek project is about to learn new things and try to do something useful by collecting all my former experiences in a book that is on my TODO list since more than 10 years now:

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