Evernote is a popular cloud-based note-taking application. It has the advantage of being available on many platforms, thus notes taken on an Android phone are readily available on the desktop, and vice versa.

Unfortunately there's no official Evernote client for Linux. It can be used through its Web UI, but a more lightweight client would be desirable as well.

There are various inofficial open source clients, notably nixnote2, everpad, and geeknote. None of them is available out-of-the-box on openSUSE.


nixnote2 is a C++/Qt application. It can be installed from OBS and seems to work quite well. Personally I don't like the UI so much, it's a big window that easily gets in the way of other work.


geeknote is a command line application written in python that allows editing notes in markdown format. I like this idea a lot. geeknote is currently not available on OBS. It doesn't seem to be actively maintained at the moment. Its biggest disadvantage is the lack of a local cache, every single geeknote invocation requires a time-consuming server access. The command line syntax is also a little odd.


everpad, a GUI application written in python and Qt (using PySide), is best-in-class wrt desktop integration. It has been written with Ubuntu/Unity integration in mind but works well on other desktops as well. It even has a d-bus API. Unfortunately it has a lot of python dependencies. There is an OBS project with an everpad package but I failed to make it run on my TW system because of missing python libraries; moreover the package seems to be quite outdated.

Project idea

Package everpad so that it builds and runs cleanly on TW and Leap, and consider pushing it to factory. Package geeknote, too. Evaluate the possiblity to use the everpad cache with geeknote through the d-bus API, combining the strengths of everpad and geeknote.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

python packaging

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


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      I'm going to archive this (not using evernote any more).