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The Tumbleweed distribution is a pure rolling release version of openSUSE containing the latest "stable" versions of all software instead of relying on rigid periodic release cycles.

Update Haskell ecosystem in Tumbleweed to GHC-9.6.x

a project by psimons

Project Description

We are currently at GHC-9.4.x, which a bit old. So I'd like to take a shot at the latest version of the compiler, GHC-9.6.x. This is gonna be interesting because the new version requires major updates to all kinds of libraries and base packages, which typically means patching lots of packages to make them build again. A significant part of the development effort will be live-streamed on Twitch so that others can collaborate easily.

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Parental controls on Tumbleweed/Aeon

a project by fcrozat

Project Description

Evaluate the various parental controls options to be used on Tumbleweed / Aeon, pick and choose one or more (depending on the needs) and make sure they are properly packaged on openSUSE Tumbleweed (if not available on Flathub) and can be integrated on a computer for a kid.

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Tumbleweed on Mars-CM (RISC-V board)

a project by ph03nix

RISC-V is awesome, Tumbleweed is awesome, chocolate cake is awesome. I'm planning to combine all of them in one project.

Project Description

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Tumbleweed support for Raspberry Pi 4 with Quad SATA HAT

an invention by jbaier_cz

Project Description

With Quad SATA HAT[1] you can turn your RPi / RockPi into a nice little NAS. There are some packages[2] for Raspbian/Ubuntu which will allow you to control the disks and the optional fan and OLED display. But what if you want to install Tumbleweed on your box?

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Avahi Integration and Network Connection

a project by vojha

Avahi Integration and Network Connection

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