Moderated Meetings for opensuse Jitsi

a project by LSchroeder

Project Description

Package and Deploy:

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A CLI for Harvester

a project by mohamed.belgaied

Project Description

Harvester CLI is a command line interface tool written in Go, designed to simplify interfacing with a Harvester cluster as a user. It is especially useful for testing purposes as you can easily and rapidly create VMs in Harvester by providing a simple command such as:

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Nanos Unikernel

an idea by rpalethorpe

Project Description

Nanos is a "unikernel" providing a subset of Linux kernel features. It only allows a single process to run, but has multiple threads. It maintains the kernel-land to user-land boundary unlike other unikernels (so perhaps isn't strictly a unikernel).

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Utilize eBPF for network policy

a project by jianwang

Project Description

Utilize eBPF for network policy in (nested) virtualization environment.

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mac80211_hwsim tool

a project by cfconrad

Project Description

Write a userland tool, to utilize the netlink interface of the of the mac80211_hwsim kernel driver.

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Explore Crev as collaborative code audit

a project by pperego

Project Description

Crev [1] is a collaborative code audit idea. Since it's common that more security engineers can work on the same projects, or there can be a different person auditing a piece of code after some time, there is the need to keep track of the code audit notes in a non-repudiable way.

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Install BLOB-less U-Boot in SPI of Pine64 ROCKPro64 and boot from NVMe disk

a project by clanig

Project Description

This project is about installing a fully open source ARM machine. It was not originally a Hack Week project and some information gathering was already done before.

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Learn about Rancher products

a project by mgrifalconi

Project Description

SUSE and Rancher joined a while ago, but other than k3s, I have no good understanding about Rancher products and I feel I should get a better idea on what are their purpose and strengths.

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Paper reading club

a project by LarsMB

Project Description

Most of us remember a period of our lives when we had time to stay somewhat uptodate on the research and developments in our area of expertise. However, this often falls short during our day-to-day work, as we get bogged down in the engineering problems of the real world, and the struggle of explaining even basic concepts to laypeople :-)

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Building my own cluster on Raspberry Pi 4 with K3S

a project by mlin7442

Project Description

I'm not familiar with Rancher K3S, I'm always want to have a opportunity to understand it more, since I've 3 Raspberry Pi 4, I will building a cluster on them with K3S. This will based on openSUSE 15.4.

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