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Most of us remember a period of our lives when we had time to stay somewhat uptodate on the research and developments in our area of expertise. However, this often falls short during our day-to-day work, as we get bogged down in the engineering problems of the real world, and the struggle of explaining even basic concepts to laypeople :-)

If we miss out on the inspiration provided in papers and books, we end up solving problems inadequately or reinventing the wheel with a lot of effort, rather than learning from the work of others.

Goal for this Hackweek

During HackWeek 21, the goal is to read at least one paper and a couple of blogs per day, and to write up a short paraphrased summary of our key takeaways. We can also share which papers or books we've found specifically inspiring or insightful. We may organize spontaneous huddles to discuss.

Let's escape the summer heat with cool reads!


List of references Lars is interested in: - - - (in general, Facebook's storage architecture at scale) - - WasmEdge - - k8gb and Global LBs, Route 53

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 21


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    • mlauhoff
      about 2 years ago by mlauhoff | Reply

      Thinks Marcel is interested in: Systems papers and failure in complex systems: - Availability in Globally Distributed Storage Systems - What Bugs Live in the Cloud? A Study of 3000+ Issues in Cloud Systems

    • mlauhoff
      about 2 years ago by mlauhoff | Reply

      Another great list of papers is "Ideas That Created the Future: Classic Papers of Computer Science"

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