Improve Scrum Master Dashboard

a project by ilausuch

Project Description

Now in Public Cloud and Containers QE team we are using But we want to go far from here to be capable of provide more information and analysis

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Create a distributed midi keyboard for kids

an idea by ilausuch

Project Description

The idea is to create a midi keyboard where every kid could be responsible of a note. This is a part of some workshops to show the children of a montessori school about how the music can create emotions.

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Project Verifree : internal key server(s)

a project by mcaj

Project description

The project Verifree is about GPG key server. The goal is build a Key server, where users are able to

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Installation server setup utility

an idea by csalmond

Project Description

Create a utility that will simplify setup a SLES machine to be a PXE boot server. This will include installing and setting up tftp, dhcp client/server, nfs server, and vsftp server. Selecting, mounting, exporting, ISO and kiso images for PXE installation and setting up PXE boot menus.

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Video For Linux 2 Camera monitor, frame capture, day/night exposure control and timelapse generator in python

a project by dmair

Use the V4L2 API in a PySide qt6.3 application to capture frames, monitor and adjust image exposure from a camera Frame capture is functional

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Project Skyscraper - PoC of a Cloud Governance Dashboard

a project by tmuntan1

Project Description

We would like to create a single interface for teams to manage our cloud governance.

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Learn network related knowledge

a project by XGWang0

Project Description

Plan to learn network related knowledge to benefit to performance test

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Find openQA jobs which using specific test module

a project by rfan1

[Description]: # A simple web package can find openQA jobs/jobgroups which use specific test module [Status]: # In plan

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Blog about our ScummVM Freeware games packages

a project by sndirsch

Blog about ScummVM Freeware games of our openSUSE Build Service games project


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FIDO2 emulation

a project by mkoutny

Project Description

FIDO2 is set of specifications for multi-factor authentication. It is based on asymmetric cryptography with secrets stored in a HW token. The token must support the protocol to be usable.

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