Finding Files that are Shadowed by a Mount

a project by shundhammer

This started as a sub-project of QDirStat, but it turned out that this may be useful in general, and it would be too dangerous and too error-prone to offer it directly in the QDirStat GUI. Things can easily go wrong, there may be many pathological situations, and many operations require root permissions; not anything a GUI program should rely upon.


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KubeVirt related stuff

a project by jfehlig

Project Description

Update the physical KubeVirt+Kubernetes test cluster in Provo from SLES15 SP2 and CaaSP to SLES15 SP3 and Rancher's k3s. This will allow us to easily experiment and test Harvester.

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Exploring the Possibilities of Image Build and Management without Docker

a project by jblainchristen

Project Description

Hacking on github://rancher/kim to test out some ideas. Suggestions welcome!

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Clandestine Chat Room(s)

a project by nbutler

Project Description

Human interactions are influenced by a myriad of subconscious biases. When these interactions move online and become text-based, plenty of us choose to conceal certain aspects of our identity. How many Twitter profile pics are real photos of the person running the account? How many female Warcraft characters are played by people who identify as men? I'd like to take it all a step further and create a place to experience real-time conversation with as minimal personal identification as possible.

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Learn security concepts with overthewire

an idea by zzaimeche

Project Description

overthewire is a website which hosts exercises on penetration testing, presented as games. Each level is a user account on a Unix filesystem they've set up, which you have to ssh into and then find the password that gives you ssh access to the next account, by using commandline utilities and common tools to uncover vulnerabilities.

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OpenQA Module Mapper

a project by geor

Find where an openQA module is running

  • OMM is an open source tool written in go
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Bring opaws to Rust

an idea by szarate

Control you openQA instance from an Amazon Echo!

How cool is that?

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Use OBS to build GNU Screen master branch

an idea by enavarro_suse

Project Description

GNU screen is available in OBS, but the version built it is based in the screen-v4 branch. This version lacks support of truecolor.

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Dawnscanner: revive the project and create an RPM package

a project by pperego

Project Description

Dawnscanner was a ruby code security static analyzer I created in 2013 and led until a couple of years ago. Unfortunately in my last two jobs, my focus was less on ruby code, so the project lost some traction.

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Eye-blink detector

a project by xarbulu

Project Description

We pass all they long in front of digital screens, around 8/10 hours in the best cases. This creates a big eye fatigue and most probably our sight degeneration (I'm not obviously an expert on this, but I assume that tired sight is not good).

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