Mainline Sunplus Plus1 SP7021 kernel for Banana Pi F2S

a project by a_faerber

The recent Banana Pi BPI-F2S board features a new Arm SoC SP7021 by Sunplus, which is not yet supported in mainline Linux. Prior to Hackweek I had prepared UART and interrupt controller drivers and Device Tree for Sunplus SP7021's Arm Cortex-A7 cores: GitHub branch f2s-next

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the SUSE Documentation Team

a project by ta-ro

Give a more complete overview of the infrastructure and the processes the documentation team uses to write, maintain, and publish the documentation for the SUSE products. Add missing information/chapters to the guide.

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WebUI for pint data

a project by aosthof

With 'pint' the Public Cloud Team already provides a command line based tool to get information about the images we're hosting in the public clouds. It's provided via the Public Cloud Module in SLE as well as in the Cloud:Tools repo. As more and more people are asking about information on the images we've published but not all of them feel comfortable using tools on the command line we like to provide a web UI which shows that data. One should be able to search for specific images, sort by regions or state etc.

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Progress ticket exporter to Jira

a project by jlausuch

Create a basic web app where you can search for Progress tickets and create Jira tickets to a certain project. Outcome:

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Run VMs in CaaSP 4 cluster with SUSE-powered kubevirt

a project by jfehlig

This project aims to run VMs in a CaaSP 4 cluster using kubevirt and a libvirt+qemu container (aka compute container) based on SLES15 SP1/2. Compute containers based on openSUSE Leap15.1 and SLES15 SP1 already available in and respectively. VMs can be deployed to the cluster but there are several functional problems that need investigating, e.g. accessing the VM's serial and VNC consoles, proper network access, etc.

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Twenty-Six - A card game developed with Phaser & TypeScript

a project by hfschmidt

For a long time, I have wanted to port a card game called "26" to the digital world. I've been playing 26 since I was very young, especially in the winter months, when it was too cold to go play outside. 26 is played by 2 players. Each player has a stack of 20 cards (all face-down, except for the top card), and 6 cards in their hand. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards by building flushes on the board. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

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A recommendation engine for SCC

a project by mbologna

Let's imagine you are a sales engineer. You want to either:

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Do Stuff with SUSE Raspberry Pi

an idea by cjschroder2

Install and test SUSE's Raspberry Pi distro on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Explore the practical uses of stuffing a Linux distro on a bitty little single-board computer. Kiosk, digital signs, media server, gaming platform, digital photo frame, network attached storage...what is this little gadget good for?

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Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) proof of concept implementation of new "storage" code

a project by jsmeix

The current disk layout recreation code in ReaR is about 10 years old now and more and more

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Hydrogen Drum Machine: export to hardware drum machine

a project by dmacvicar

Hydrogen is a software drum machine and pattern editor. While it can export and play through MIDI, which is enough to play through my SR-16, it is not clear how one could record patterns and songs from Hydrogen.

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