QDirStat: Show Unpackaged Files

a project by shundhammer

QDirStat in General

See QDirStat project page at GitHub

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Learn FreeCAD for 3D printing

a project by lrupp

I want to be able to create some 3D printing models for 3D printers. So starting to search for a good introduction and try it out...

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find free online Perl course and go through it

a project by hurhaj

...because openQA isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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Finish packaging Angr in OBS

a project by a_faerber

Following a FOSDEM presentation on Angr for binary analysis, I started packaging it in OBS. We've made progress on getting many missing Python dependencies into Tumbleweed already; remaining ones including claripy and angr itself.

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Package Robot OS (ROS) in OBS

an idea by a_faerber

A number of vendors are adopting ROS as a framework for developing complex robot control applications on Linux. ROS appears to be a collection of libraries and tools bundled in distributions. A few users in OBS appeared to have packaged one such distribution, but I have not seen them move forward into any development project.

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ethtool ops for netdevsim

a project by mkubecek

This can be seen as a subproject of ethtool netlink interface but from the technical view it's independent. Every new piece of software is going to be buggy and with frequent changes and rewrites, new regressions are introduced. Automated selftests can help a lot but as ethtool deals with hardware devices, we do not want these tests to depend on a specific hardware. The netdevsim driver was created as a virtual device which (unlike e.g. dummy) cannot be used for actual network traffic but implements various configuration interfaces so that it can be used for their (automated) testing.

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Investigate Oops in SLES 15 on Raspberry Pi

a project by jiriwiesner

I use my Raspberry Pi 3B as a router. I have seen this crash: * [34502.095007] Internal error: Oops: 96000004 [#1] SMP

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Investigate and improve Brewtarget

a project by jfehlig

Brewtarget is an open source brewing software, similar to the commercial product BeerSmith. For hackweek I'd like to investigate the capabilities of Brewtarget and perhaps add some features/improvements for my use case.

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Graph Visualization of a Cloud Environment

an idea by joadavis

This is actually stealing an idea from Mark Harvey - see https://etherpad.nue.suse.com/p/SOC-Community-Of-Practice_2019_06_19 Our SUSE OpenStack Clouds can have complex topologies and settings, so a visualization could help greatly when starting to work on an unfamiliar cloud (like in a support call).

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Worst 3D Printer version 2

a project by joadavis

A few years ago I wrote the "worst 3D Printer". Basically, it takes a 3D model (VRML) and slices it to bitmaps, which can be arranged on paper and printed, then manually cut out and glued together. As you can imagine, just doing a small print could take 500 layers, so it could take a day to assemble (hence "worst"). [1] To be more useful, I want to rewrite the old code to properly support STL format. I attempted this once, but had trouble with the normals and getting the lines to connect correctly. So a rewrite would be good.

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