This is actually stealing an idea from Mark Harvey - see

Our SUSE OpenStack Clouds can have complex topologies and settings, so a visualization could help greatly when starting to work on an unfamiliar cloud (like in a support call).

This sort of tool has been done before. HP in CloudSystem had some nice visualizations (in a tool called Graffiti). But something quick and useful that is specific to SOC may still have value.

One interesting idea from the links Mark gathered is to have the graph searchable, so it narrows down to the aspect of the environment that is of concern.

For a CLM deployment, it may be as simple as parsing the input model and outputting plantML or .diag files that could get further processed. I'm not sure what the equivalent export from Crowbar would be. It may also be useful to feed in other bits of config, such as the /etc/hosts file from the controller node.

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