an idea by chasecrum

A command line tool to easily access functions and services in SUSE Manager that are commonly used by administrators and a few most people aren't aware of. Why am I doing this?

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Learn how Python3

a project by martinsmac

My previous knowledge about Python is small. I need learn more about python. Using a script write in shell script, andt this script already ported to python by a collegue team. I'm going to use a port of this script to understand and maybe collaborate with this code.

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Uyuni (property based testing (with (lisp) ))

an idea by dmaiocchi

I will not have the time for bootstrapping this project but I think given the JVM platform of Uyuni, it would be coherent to setup a property-based testing with clojure, from which developers could call JAVA code easy without problem, (for using some classes) but also people could learn new programming models like clojure

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a project by cyphar

The plan is to implement a safe path resolution library for Linux to avoid the plentiful numbers of security vulnerabilities that have been seen in the wild related to path resolution race conditions and various other attacks. I've been working on kernel-space solutions but even if they were merged, it is difficult to use them safely directly. So this library intends to provide simple wrappers that everyone can use. https://github.com/openSUSE/libpathrs

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Enable opensuse on Jetson Nano and learn how DL frameworks work on it

an idea by lyan

Current Jetson Nano image is based on Ubuntu distro, This project will try to deploy a opensuse version. Furthermore, I will take a closer look on deep learning framework, and learn how they use hardware accelerator. First, boot up Jeston nano with Ubuntu, and deploy Tensorflow(Keras), Pytorch(Caffee2), MXNet, the most popular DL framework today, on it. Understand how those frameworks take advantage of hardware accelerator.

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Differentiate Microsoft virtualization types (WSL1/WSL2/Azure/Hyper-V) in SUSEConnect

a project by wstephenson

People are interested in Linux on Windows via WSL, especially given the new fully virtualized Linux kernel in WSL 2. It's interesting to know whether registered SUSE installations might be running in WSL as opposed to other Microsoft virtualization platforms, but the current approach taken by SUSEConnect (the client for SUSE Customer Center) does not permit this.
By inspecting the contents of /proc/, it is possible to tell these platforms apart. This project aims to enhance SUSEConnect to do so.

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Write "advanced" tagging engine for Django

a project by gniebler

This is a side project I started a while ago. The idea is to implement a tagging engine with some "advanced" features for the Django web framework (in what Django calls a "reusable app"). I have many ideas for possible features, but the most basic are inclusion and exclusion relations between tags.

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IBS/mtui GUI manager


I intend to make a manager for IBS/mtui commands, to help anyone working with updates to get up and running using a simple graphical interface. The program will:

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Explore REST API access using Python

an idea by atanno_cz

Long story short... I want to test the access to the REST API of some services like LXD and Powerdns by using Python. My sole intention is to learn how to do this to automate services programatically.

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Integrate edk2 code better into our qemu package

an idea by bfrogers

Upstream qemu has decided to include the edk2 based efi firmware support code directly into the qemu project (as it has long done for seabios, for example.) Work on including the types of tweaks we would want to also include so that we also provide the equivalent of what is currently delivered in the existing edk2 packages.

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