This is a side project I started a while ago. The idea is to implement a tagging engine with some "advanced" features for the Django web framework (in what Django calls a "reusable app").

I have many ideas for possible features, but the most basic are inclusion and exclusion relations between tags.

Ideally, I want to get the project to a state where I can publish it.

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  • about 5 years ago: gniebler started this project.
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    • gniebler
      about 5 years ago by gniebler | Reply

      Made some good progress on backend logic, mainly in models. Implemented a bunch of test scenarios I had noted down before and made them all pass (also had to think about and decide on some specifc behaviour in the process). Basic tag relations (inclusions and exclusions) are now done on the backend side.

      Also started on some frontend stuff to allow users to actually manage tags, but there's a lot left to be done there (including actually managing inlcusions and exclusions through the WebUI, which is not possible yet and requires some additional thinking about nomenclature and the API).

      I did implement tag colors, though, and since I wanted to use the native HTML5 color input element and there wasn't a Django app that supports that, I had to write my own custom model & form fields and widget to make that happen.

      I turned that into its own reusable app and uploaded it to GitHub here (it's currently still private, as I need to add some stuff like a README, licence etc. before I can really make it public).

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